Olbia, Sardina and Ajaccio, Corsica

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Sailing into Olbia, Sardina Port of Olbia Port of Olbia
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Fountain in Olbia Sailing into Ajaccio, Corsica The waters of Ajaccio
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A game of "spot the tortoises" Mammoth tortoises Mammoth tortoise
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Ancient creature You can just see the smarmy-ness Poor fellow chased her forever
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Little fellow behind glass Little fellow behind glass Big and little - I think male and female
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Peeking out of the grass Baby fellow behind glass Couldn't find the turtle, so I took a picture of the frog instead
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Shy fellow I love the synchronization! Not a happy camper
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Can you find the frog? Easier to spot the frog Turtle head
Alligator turtle

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