28.5.00 ]

I had a friend in high school who wouldn't throw out anything. I'm sure she probably *still* has movie stubs from the eighth grade, buried in a box somewhere. With me, they would have been thrown in the garbage the day after the flick, but to her, they mean something.

Although my friend wasn't the inspiration for this particular story, I was quickly reminded of her hoarding instincts while writing about my own in Packrat.


26.5.00 ]

Web seminars (today and yesterday) went well, thank you very much. I'm only confused about one thing: on one of the feedback forms, the participant wrote "it was kind of like sipping from a fire hydrant". Conjures quite the image. Unfortunately, I have no clue what that means...

Any ideas?


24.5.00 ]

I *so* want to stay up and play with my new domain, but alas, I must give a web seminar tomorrow, so I need to be all bright and chipper.

24.5.00 ]

Well..... I've been thinking about doing this for a while... and I finally decided to take the plunge.

Welcome to mayhaps.com!

Woo hoo! My own domain to do with as I please.

So very many possibilities...


13.5.00 ]

Grrrrrr. I'm trying to finish a writing so I can post it here, but first I need to find something. So I came on the trusty old web, certain that it would give me all the answers. An hour later I am no closer to finding what I need. An entire web full of info, and I come up empty.

I think I might actually have to venture to the *library* to find it. Never had to actually do research for a writing before. Ah well, first time for everything.


10.5.00 ]

Damn. It's been almost a month since I last updated this. Sorry. I have an excuse though - exams, moving, new job.

I haven't been *totally* slacking off, I do have a few things started. Touch will have to satisfy for now.