30.7.00 10:56 PM ]

oh man ... I just checked my class schedule for September. I have 8:30s every morning and *2* night classes! No more Bomber Wednesday's for me! It hasn't been this bad since first year ... but I guess at least my afternoons are free ...

8:54 PM ]

Okay. I have a short attention span. I think this is why I change my site every few months. The last layout lasted ... 4 months. Not too bad. I'm still kind of unsure of the colour scheme though. Soooo ... tell me what you think about the two options: the one you are currently looking at (darker) and this one (lighter). { It's the front page and a copy of this page, same layout, different colours }

note: the links have been removed, no use having them anymore. 11:59 AM ]

So far my hedgehog has been resisting my idea of taking a picture of him - he's a stubborn little fella! He always hides in his spikes as soon as he hears the lens focusing. So, I got the bright idea of making a video of him with my web cam, from which I could then take individual pics. But the little bugger was too fast! I'll try it again, this time with more frames/second, but in the meantime, here are some *very* blurry shots of the guy.


29.7.00 6:07 PM ]

I don't want to be me right now. Can I be you for a while?


28.7.00 9:17 PM ]

I went out tonight and bought myself some brand-spaking new running shoes, to replace the pair that got ruined on an impromtu little cave hike in Ottawa.

Now, normally I would not think to pass on this kind of unimportant information. But ... the only reason I replaced the wrecked shoes is because I have recently made a pact with myself that I will start jogging in the mornings again. So, by posting this I'm hoping the fact that my friends can now bug me about it will actually motivate me to stick with it.

'cuz I *really* like sleeping in.


27.7.00 4:27 PM ]

My dad has a psycho cat.

My dad's cat bascally likes no-one but my dad and step-mother. I have learned this, and hence do not bug him. So, while apartment-sitting for my dad, I knew that the cat and I were not going to be friendly. Feed the cat. Clean the cat's litter. This is pretty much all the interaction I expected to have with the cat.

Then, last night while in bed watching a movie, the cat jumped up on the bed. Although surprised, I just let him do his thing: based on our history, I still had no plans to *pet* the cat or anything. After a few minutes the cat approached me, as if looking for attention. He got within a foot of me before he jumped back and started doing this hissy-meow thing - he actually looked like he might *attack* me. Now, he's not a huge cat, but the fact that *my* face was two feet away from *his* teeth and claws wasn't too comforting. In the end I kicked him out, but couldn't lock him out, so I was left with only one option - I fell asleep with the covers over my head, to ward off any surprise attacks during the night.

Crazy Cat.

9:22 AM ]

I'm apartment-sitting for my dad while he's on vacation for a few days. After a quick glance in his fridge last night I noticed a carton of eggnog. "Hmm. I thought eggnog was a Christmas thing?", I told myself. So I picked it up and had a look at the Best Before date. Jan 08. Jan, Feb, Mar, ... Jul. That's almost 7 whole months expired! I'm curious as to how he could not notice this for 7 months, when it only took me 5 minutes. A little scary.

Of course, what's even more scary is the fact that I left it in there.


26.7.00 1:23 PM ]

Every few weeks I go through a little experiment to see if I can stop taking my allergy stuff yet. The results of today's experiment: No.

The only reason I must conduct these little experiments is because this is the first year I have ever had allergies. Nothing, nothing, nothing ... and then poof! I have allergies. weird.

10:34 AM ]

I'm all excited. I bought a new camera last night. It's a Canon ELPH JR - and wow, is it *tiny*!! Not spy-camera tiny or anything (although that could be interesting), but still small in comparison to others I was looking at.

I haven't had a chance to use it yet - that's tonight's fun - but I'll be sure to share any interesting pics I take with it.


25.7.00 7:59 AM ]

sneaky people ... while looking at my stats today, I saw that someone tried to access my "unfinished" folder on here (of course, it doesn't actually exist online, just on my computer). It amused me to think someone would be interested in unfinished stuff. Wouldn't that spoil the fun?


24.7.00 8:11 AM ]

I've had a few friends comment about the fact that I put my life online through this website and specifically this blog. And I do, to a certain extent. But all of this really only scratches the surface of who I am. You can read as much as you want into my writings and what I say here and you will still only have a blurry idea of who I am as a person. There are so many thoughts that I never vocalize, even in person, for you to put together a complete picture of me, try as you may ...

This was partly prompted by the fact that I *know* I will get comments about my last posting, specifically because I actually used his name. And maybe I shouldn't have, I don't know. But I figure (a) strangers coming to this site won't care who he is, (b) close friends coming to this site already know exactly who I am talking about anyway, and (c) casual friends coming to this site, whether they know him or not, probably won't care about the whole thing. So really, what's the point of dicking around, using vague references, when it makes no difference in the end.


23.7.00 4:13 PM ]

This was one of those Really Good/Really Bad weekends.

The Good: I went to Waterloo to visit a few friends, partied it up, had an absolute blast. Sometimes it really hits you how great your friends are.

The Bad: After 5 months, I have finally given up on the thought that I had a chance of getting Max. It doesn't really change the way I feel about him, I still think he's an absolutely amazing guy, but it has become very clear that he wants nothing more from me than a friendship. I know I have said before that I would back off, see how things went, but now I am letting go. And I already know that it's gonna be so very hard. *Never* have I wanted to be with someone like this. Never. But I would take good friends over nothing any day.


22.7.00 1:55 PM ]

Sorry that I haven't been blogging much lately. It's not that I don't have much to share, I just don't seem to have the time to share it.

I have, however, been working on a few new writings. Again, I don't want to *promise* anything, but hopefully they will be up soon.


20.7.00 9:13 PM ]

Food for Thought was *supposed* to be one of those churn-out-in-a-few-minute writings. The thought was easy, the actual numbers were a little hard to find. It's only because I'm trying to clean out my "unfinished" box that it actually got done at all.


18.7.00 8:00 AM ]

My horoscope today said to keep my thoughts to myself. But then again, I never really have believed in those things.


17.7.00 8:20 PM ]

Ack. Today hit with the full force of Monday-ness. The spirit of Monday was perfectly exemplified, starting at 1AM when I was awakened from sleep by the grinding noise of my hedgehog's wheel, which continued for 2 hours before I finally ripped it from his cage, and ending with the traffic jam on the way home after work. I guess everyone has a day like this occasionally. Thank god mine is almost over.

3:30 PM ]

I guess the whole date thing was just a little too good to be true ... he cancelled.

and yes, I am bummed. very.

{ BTW it's not so much that he cancelled that bummed me out - he did have a good reason. It was that he didn't reschedule }


14.7.00 8:38 PM ]

Stalling only took me an hour from start to finish. Much better than my standard as of late.

So, now that it is done, I'm not sure I even want to post it. It was kind of a purge thing. But I'll post it anyway, because after all, what *else* would I do with it?!? =)

8:36 PM ]

I *have* to stop leaving my computer connected. Especially when it is the pay-by-the-hour connection. Ack.


13.7.00 10:15 PM ]

So I wrote A Little t 'n' a when I was a wee bit frustrated (bad moods are notoriously good for creative juices). I have since edited it so it's not quite so grumpy, but if you still sense a certain grumpy-ness in it, keep in mind that it was edited to be slightly ... hmm, I don't know what, but not grumpy.

3:23 PM ]

My word of the day is freak. As in "I am a freak." But I'm a happy freak. =)


12.7.00 10:08 PM ]

BTW, my little problem of this morning was in *no way* an indication of the rest of my day ; )

1:59 PM ]

You know what I like best about trade shows?

All the nifty toys you pick up ...

... even if they are generally useless.

7:56 AM ]

oops. I just turned on my monitor and realized I was still connected to the net. From last night. 10 hours in all.

Which would be fine if I had cable ... or had connected using my free internet access ... but nooooo, I connected using my pay-by-the-hour internet connection.

{ sigh ) ... this better not be an indication of the tone of the rest of my day ...


11.7.00 11:31 PM ]

{ sigh } ... this is *so* not an attempt worthy of the Short Story Contest.

I've been working on Anticipation for 3 months, never quite having a good grasp of where I wanted to take it. So I give it to you as-is. Do with it what you will.


10.7.00 10:26 PM ]

What do you say when your friend takes the $10 bill you are holding - the one you have just finished exclaiming as the grungiest bill you have ever seen - and stuffs it in his mouth, chews on it a few seconds, wipes it off on his shirt and hands it back to you?

What *do* you say?

8:45 PM ]

My mosquito bites are driving me NUTS! Just thought I'd share that with you ...

Kidding. The *real* reason I came on was to say I should have a new story up within a few days (I'd say tonight, but I don't really want to make promises I cannot keep).


9.7.00 11:17 AM ]

Every year I read the winning entries in the Toronto Star Short-Story Contest and every year I tell myself I should enter.

Mostly just for the fun of it.

Partly because it would get me off my ass and prompt me to write.

And then there is that tiny, tiny, part of me that wonders if I could actually write something that might place. How fun it would be to have people reading my stuff.

But I've never entered.

Maybe this year.


7.7.00 11:46 AM ]

And then there was ... me.

Just me.

9:50 AM ]

Get Fuzzy cracks me up. It really does. This was what I saw when I got to work this morning. Makes a *great* start to the day.


5.7.00 8:28 PM ]

I broke down. I'm giving Blogger a try.

We'll see how I like it. I'm hoping that it will make the whole posting experience easier, and hence I will post more.

I get great thoughts sometimes at work that I want to share. Hopefully this will give me the chance.