25.9.00 8:39 PM ]

I'm not sure how I feel about Runny Babbit. I like the idea, but I'm not sure I love the way it's put together. But then again, I am my own worst critic.

10:16 AM ]

My voice is finally getting a little better. I have now come to the conclusion that there must have been a little covert germ action going on in my throat which fed on the beer of friday night and turned into a full scale attack. But, I have come up with a plan of counter-attack: Buckley's. If that doesn't kill 'em, I don't know what will.


24.9.00 10:50 PM ]

Arg! I've been trying the last few days to finish up some of the many stories I have been working on. So, what do I do today? Not only do I not manage to finish any of the old ones, I START A NEW ONE! Will I ever learn my lesson?

8:46 AM ]

Never have I had people referred to my site while looking for something else. Now, in one day, I get all these referrals from google/yahoo:

kama sutra postions
crazy sex postions
information on free sex postions
sex and postions
canadian spellings dictionary

So sorry to have disappointed you all.


23.9.00 12:34 PM ]


One voice. Last seen at keg party friday night.
Reward: Willing to give current voice. Slightly used.
Raspy, cuts out about every third word, but otherwise in good condition.
Contact spike with any information.

7:32 AM ]

All our smoke detectors just went off at ear-piercing volume. Being the hungover fools that we are (our keg party lasted until about 4:30 this morning) it took us 10 minutes to figure out how to turn them off. There was no fire. This is NOT the best thing for a drunken hangover.


22.9.00 4:02 PM ]

Hee hee. I received an e-mail today that simply had the word sushi repeated over and over and over. Seems I got my friend addicted to sushi ... good to know I'm not the only one who succumbs to these cravings.


21.9.00 1:55 PM ]

With all the Olympic fever gripping my house, it got me thinking about a tale told to me as a child. The summarized story goes like this: a woman (related to me) competed in one of the early Olympic Games and won a silver medal. Years later, she was awarded the gold medal instead after it was discovered that the original winner of the gold was actually a man. Now, being the doubtful person that I am, I always thought that second part might have only been an example of adults playing a joke on a gullible child (namely me). However, also being the curious person that I am, I decided with all this Olympic hoopla to see if I could find any references to this she-man. And lo and behold, a little snooping on the internet and it turns out the truth is out there. Kind of at least. The original gold medal winner was indeed found out to be a man (they did an autopsy at death, why I do not quite know) but all Olympic records still seem to show him/her to be the gold medal winner. There was mention in one article about the gold medal being reclaimed, but it was in French and didn't translate too well in Babel Fish , leaving some questions unanswered. ( I know I should be fluent in French, but guess what, I'm not )

Apparently this female/male athlete thing isn't as uncommon as you might think: since 1966 some female athletes have been subjected to gender verification tests to prove that they are indeed women. The ethical arguments of this blow my mind.


20.9.00 11:40 AM ]

Our house network server was named "crackhouse" by the friend who set it up. In the spirit of this, we have all named our computers after drugs. I got opium. Our mothers must be so proud of us.

12:08 AM ]

WooHoo! Our internet has finally been all sorted out. The cam should be going more often now that I'm connected 24-7. Now I have a million and one reasons not to do assignments, readings and all the other things I should be doing to make sure I don't get kicked out of math.

"Oh, the fun begins."


17.9.00 10:55 PM ]

Ok. Our house smells like something just up and died in it. It's really that bad.

When we moved in here a week ago, it was a dump (literally). The previous tenants left all sorts of crap behind, including a nice, not so healthy, mould problem. Luckily our landlord is a decent guy and is helping us out with all of this, but he still hasn't managed to kill the musty smell in this place. And now we have discovered that whenever we turn the oven on, an even more putrid odour is produced, not unlike the aforementioned dead animal. Even our friends are afraid to visit us.


16.9.00 2:21 PM ]

Now really, what are the chances of me coming across a fellow UW mathie while just aimlessly surfing the web?


13.9.00 10:59 PM ]

Got a phone line finally, but still no internet, so I'm stuck dialing in when my roommates aren't home, like some covert operation or something. Soon ... soon I will have unlimited access ...


12.9.00 2:58 PM ]

no phone ... no internet ...

this is what I dislike most about moving every four months.


9.9.00 8:38 PM ]

Back from my vacay. Funny how you can go away and yet come back even more tired than when you left ...


2.9.00 4:24 AM ]

Well, in a few short hours I will be headed on a plane to my vacation destination. Yay! Since I won't be able to post for another week (I really don't think cruise ships have internet access. If so, It'd cost an arm and a leg) I was going to leave you with a new "word of the day". Unfortunately, time ran and and it's not gonna happen. Such is life.

See y'all in a week!


1.9.00 4:49 PM ]

I wish to add an amendment to my previous blog. Because my entire summer really was not crap. My mind just goes off on it's own sometimes and makes me believe things ... anyway, I digress.

This summer I learned what great friends I have (you might have noticed this fact in previous blogs). The kind of friends who will fight for you, the ones who will put up with your shit and not think badly of you, ( the ones who will try time and time again to teach you how to drive standard ). And I would have to say that I did them a grave injustice in my previous post by saying that I did nothing this term. Because that would mean that the time I spent with them was meaningless or petty, which it most certainly wasn't. I had an *absolutely* amazing time this summer with my friends. That wasn't (isn't) my problem. My friends have never been my problem. I don't know what my problem is sometimes. I just feel ... muddled. Like something is wrong. But I can't figure out what it is. And I don't want to subject people to my moods, so I push them away. Sometimes I'm afraid that my muddled state will cause me to lose my friends, who I have come to love so much. Because ... I don't know what to do sometimes. And I can't think clearly. So I close myself off to all these friends when all I *really* want to do is bring them closer to me, because I know how special they are. Which brings me back ( in a very roundabout way) to my original thought. My friends ROCK. And please don't let me make you think otherwise.

12:08 AM 4:49 PM ]

A friend asked me tonight if I had had a good summer. And it got me thinking (not really a good thing sometimes). I feel like I have accomplished nothing these past four months. I know four months may not seem like a lot, but for some reason it feels like a lifetime right now. And I am no further along than I was when this term began. In fact, some days I feel as though I have moved backwards rather than progressing forwards. I accomplished very little at work, I spent most of the summer longing for some guy I was never going to get, I did nothing except see a lot of movies. About the only thing I accomplished this summer is learn how to drive standard, and that is shaky at best.

And I guess all of this wouldn't be that bad, except I'm kind of afraid that it's going to carry into next term. And I'm not sure I can really take three terms of being like this. Ugh. I thought I left all of this behind in high school.