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Heh! Not only do I get a window seat with my new cube, I also managed to snag a bigger monitor! 😀

Yes, I take joy in the little things in life …

I discovered today (through a new member of the UWwebring), that LiveLournal has a healthy University of Waterloo community as well.

(The link has been fixed)

I think I may have figured out a way to solve my laziness – get a chair that does not have wheels on it.

Of course, this afternoon I still tried to “roll” my chair-without-wheels down our little aisle. And I succeeded (if you know me, you will know how stubborn I am) – but at least I would be getting a better workout if I had to do that on a regular basis.

Now that I’m moving desks again – one desk closer to the printer, one desk further away from one of the people I have to talk to on a regular basis – I think the rolling may get even worse.

Everything* is finally out of my old apartment and moved into my new apartment!

* with the exception of my old couch, which isn’t coming into the new apartment but is being moved back to my mother’s house.

I had to laugh when I opened my final phone bill and saw the staggering amount of $3.56. Of course, it all makes sense when you realize that I pre-paid the monthly charges the previous bill and it was only my long-distance charges that remained.

And it’s still not nearly as funny as my friend who opened her most recent phone bill to see the staggering total of $0.00 … and a credit of over $2000. At that rate, she figured she would have free phone bills for the next six years. Unfortunately it was just a clerical error. But funny none-the-less.

Reality TV swirls down drain – the ringing of the bell for reality TV.

Not soon enough for some people, “Reality TV” has been read its last rites and the white light at the end of the tunnel (appears) to be getting blinding.

Thank God.

While talking with a friend this afternoon, I realized that Logan is two years old today.

She doesn’t look a day over one.

1 kiddie pool
31 bags of topsoil
2 dozen friends and strangers
Mud wrestling: who knew there were so many stones in top soil?

I think everyone who participated in the mud wrestling events of yesterday – think “keg party” – walked (or crawled) away with a few bonus openings. I only caught one major gash, but it stings more than a bee … sting. My knees look a little worse for the wear, and just when they were starting to heal from the bruises of moving. Ah well, I may bruise easily, but they at least seem to fade fairly quickly. The cut on the bottom of my foot will take a bit longer, judging by the rate the cut on the bottom of my other foot is taking to close.

And yes, the mud wrestling was planned. ‘Cuz mud doesn’t wash out of your clothes very easily, let me tell you.

Somehow I have been cursed with bad fishtank luck.

First there were the many unexplained fish deaths.

This morning my filter spontaneously ran dry. The tank was full, the filter was cleaned two days ago and has been running smoothly since then, there were no leaks in the casing or the intake tube, there was just nothing that I can find that would make the filter run dry.

And yet it did. Dry as a bone.

It’s funny when you send an “important” email to two people and get out of office auto-replies from both of them where each person says to contact the other while he is out of the office.