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I have a new toy. It fits in my purse ever so nicely (after removing my glasses), and takes pretty good pictures too.

It even goes in the fish tank.

We just got an email telling us that the building company will be x-raying our building because they want to build a conduit from the first floor to the third floor.

Mostly the email was designed to tell us to stay out of that wing of the building (it’s at 5 am, so chances are pretty good that it won’t be a problem), but also to tell us to remove any film (we’re a medical imaging company, so we have xray film on site) so that it doesn’t get destroyed.

But even though it is at 5 in the morning, and xrays that can penetrate three floors of a building must be pretty strong, I *really* really want to see how they xray a building. There must be a respectible distance that I can view it from. There are townhouses across the street, so it can’t be *that* bad to stand near it (just not under it).