Last week, while bringing in my recycling box from the curb I noticed a small cardboard box on my driveway that I assumed had blown out of someone else’s recycling box that day. I tossed it into the bottom of mine so that it could go out with my recycling this week and didn’t think of it again.

On the weekend, my family was up visiting to see the house as we’re getting down to the final days before it’s gone. They wandered through the house, wandered outside the house, and generally looked around at everything (although my parents helped greatly with the renovations, they didn’t actually get to see the final “cleaned up” results until this weekend).

This morning, I grabbed my recycling box to add this week’s recycling to it and the random box from last week caught my eye. It was a box for a pregancy test.
Now I’m left wondering: did my family see the box? Am I going to start getting questions soon? It actually made me laugh since when we started telling people that we were moving in together, both sets of parents and several friends thought that we were going to announce that we were engaged. We started joking that we just wanted to move in together before the baby came. Several weeks ago we were joking about the pitter-patter of little (puppy) feet. And now a pregnancy test box that doesn’t even belong to me.

I take solace in the fact that I was drinking wine on the weekend so if my family did by some chance see the box, that should have tipped them off that I’m not pregnant. Or maybe they just think I’m a BAD pregnant lady.


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