29.9.01 5:20 PM | there goes the neighbourhood ]

While walking back from the vet today I saw what looked like a boat stored in someone's garage. As I got closer and closer, I realized it was not a boat, but was in fact a plane. A small plane, yes, but a plane none the less.

Just when I thought we lived in a boring middle-class neighbourhood.


28.9.01 6:19 PM | gooey mess ]

Today I dropped an entire unopened package of sugar into my tea. Ew. Very soggy. Then, because somewhere, somehow, someone drilled it into me that wasting things is bad, I proceeded to try and open the soggy, dripping packet of sugar to put it properly into my tea.

All of this happened because someone decided that the staff cafetera was an excellect place to conduct an interview, which I only realized after I had already made my way towards the coffee machine. I was trying to be as quiet and inconspicuous as possible and in the process of trying to carefully rip open the sugar packet, it slipped from my fingers and into the mug.

That's what I get for trying to be considerate.


27.9.01 11:19 PM | thorn, thy name is gerald ]

There's always one person in the class who knows everything or thinks he/she knows everything, the proverbial thorn in everyone's side. Always. Sometimes he/she does. Most often not. And if the latter is the case, you end of spending precious, precious moments going over what should be simple math because he/she *does not get it*. I understand that you should ask questions if you don't understand. And I know that as a math major,perhaps I *get it* faster then others. But it really isn't fair to waste half an hour of everyone's time because you do not comprehend, especially when the prof is hinting that you should look at the solution and talk to him *later* if you still don't understand.

Thank you.


26.9.01 2:58 PM | we're not pixstream, they're not cisco ]

And to think, it only took our company president slightly less than half an hour to get to the point. (top news story)

BTW, I work for Mitra.

7:40 AM | brad started it ]

Too funny. Although upon further inspection I think I'd have to modify it to "Like a kitten to a keyboard" or "Like a kitten to a computer screen". Not sure of the exact lure: the glowing screen, the moving mouse cursor, or your figners moving across the keys and the clicking noise that creates. Or the beeps it makes when she sits on several keys at once.


25.9.01 10:40 PM | KA ]

As I feared, I have an addictive personality.

First it was the piercings. Two simple holes in my lobes at about age ten. Then the "rebellious" post through the top of my ear sometime in my early teens, not unlike Brad's. Then the navel a scant year ago. I've been plotting another hole ever since. Just have to find the right place.

Which is also the case with the tattoo. The first one was done when I was nineteen. A few weeks after it had been inked I already wanted another. It was just a case of where. The what I knew. But the where was tricky. I finally figured it out a few months ago, but haven't made it to the tattoo place yet. A car would do wonders for me.

And now the cat. Logan is so much fun, she makes me want a second kitten. I know her brother was still available when I got her ...

p.s. I *swear* I'll stop talking about the cat soon. :)


23.9.01 5:42 PM | little rascal ]

You know you have a strange cat when looking for her in the fridge makes perfect sense.

We lost Logan for a few hours this afternoon (not to worry, she showed up safe and sound in the end).

In the first few minutes of not being able to find her, when I was checking under beds and behind the couch and tv stand, I noticed my roommate open the fridge, then close it again and continue looking in the pantry and laundry room for her. At first I thought, "why on earth is he looking for her in the fridge??" before realizing that in her case it was actually a pretty smart place to be checking.

Other not so odd places I tried looking for her: the shower, the dryer, and under the couch cushions. The one place I should have looked for her: between my bed and the futon beneath it (there's literally only about two inches of clearance.) Aparently she doesn't always respond to her name or her treats. Either that or she passed out from paint fumes - although in that case you would think she'd be smart enough to *leave* the room and go downstairs away from the paint smell.

Crazy cat.


19.9.01 7:33 PM | finally ]

So here I am, trying on my new internet access. Pretty comfy, fits well. A little tight but it'll loosen up I'm sure.

I feel normal again.


15.9.01 10:35 AM | silly people ]

FYI, her name is Logan. I figured three days without a name was long enough, and that one was first in the runnings.

Close seconds: Adi, Kahlua, Zoe

Never in the running: Flanders :)


12.9.01 9:59 PM | look! it's a kitten ]

Introducing the first annual "Help Name the Kitty" contest. She's grey with a hint of tabby to her. (I know it's hard to see in the picture - I had to put it on super-zoom)

First Prize: the kitten will be given the name you choose.

Second Prize: a few good laughs.

The Rules:

  1. It's a girl.
  2. No names like Smokey or Smoke or charcoal. It's gotta be something more original than that.
  3. I reserve the right to substitute a name I choose if no one submits one that I like.

All right, now let me have it.

1:39 PM | busy day busy day ]

Time to kitten pick-up: T minus 6 hours and counting

Time to home internet access: T minus 6 days and counting


11.9.01 8:56 AM | taping a person to a wall requires a full roll ]

This was the sig line on an email I received this morning:

"A person needs only two tools: WD-40 and duct tape. If it doesn't move and it should, use WD-40. If it moves and shouldn't, use duct tape."

So true. So true.


10.9.01 5:06 PM | yes mom ]

Another thing that amuses me (in a good way) at work: when people are paged using their full name. It always sounds like a parent calling a bad child.

"Tracy. Leslie. Spike. Call extension 5-5-5-5."

4:46 PM | no 'e' ]

It amuses me (somewhat) that no one at work can spell my name correctly. Okay, maybe it's an exaggeration to say 'no one', but certainly many people seem to have issues with the fact that my name is spelled t-r-a-c-y. Notice there is no 'e'. There was never an 'e'. And yet people keep wanting to put one in there.

The nameplate for my cubicle arrived on my first day here with Tracey in big bold letters. I didn't make a big deal about it, but I was told it would be fixed right away. Three weeks later, with no replacement in sight, I cut the e out and stuck the two peices of the nameplate back together. It actually worked quite well.

My email address at work uses my first initial and last name, but unless you know it off by heart (very unlikely) you'd have to look it up in the company directory. There my name is, plain as can be. Tracy. But still I get emails from people all the time with the opening line "Hi Tracey". Even if I was the one who initiated the conversation, I still get replies with "Tracey". Which makes me wonder, am I in the minority when I spell my name without an e?

Perhaps it is just my name in general that causes problems. After all, I got the nickname tracyspike because someone messed up my last name on a document at my first co-op job. And I have been asked by more than one person to spell out my last name. Really people, it's not that hard. It's spelled exactly how it sounds. It's a common word. Although one person asked me how to spell it even after I said it was spelled exactly how it sounds. Aparently she couldn't spell too well.

What about you? Do people routinely misspell your name?


8.9.01 7:38 PM | leap frog ]

I've mentioned many times the ritual of going to Timmy's before work every morning. About 7 of us make the trek out of our building and to the strip mall next door for a daily dose of caffeine or buttery bagel goodness. It's not a long walk by any ways, but is periless none the less. Because we always leave around 8:30, the exact time everyone else is trying to get to work, we always run into those people who think it a good idea to speed through the parking lot at a great speed.

Someone remarked yesterday that it was much like a game of Frogger, jumping back and forth to avoid cars as they race towards us. It struck a bell, so I had a little time yesterday afternoon and went searching for a screenshot of Frogger to manipulate.

Better than the Christmas songs I had stuck in my head.


4.9.01 9:57 AM | airplane style ]

I thought they might be pressured to remove it from the website, but aparently the article remains. What am I talking about you ask? This. The Imprint ran a tongue-in-cheek article about sex at university that had parents fuming and all my friends laughing. All copies of the Imprint were removed from residence rooms, presumably so the sensitive frosh are not compromised, but are still available (as of last night) at numerous locations on campus.

And just in case some crusading individual decides to clean up all the issues before you get a chance to read it, we picked up a few extra copies for our friends ;)


2.9.01 1:16 PM | home sweet home ]

Well, the move went fairly smoothly, except for the mysterious disappearance of some shelves. We have no internet yet (silly landlord) or phone line, so I actually made the trek to the school to use the labs here. Gotta love a school whose computer labs are open 24/7/365, even if it drives you crazy at other times.

Today also happens to be move-in day for all the frosh, so the campus is inundated with vans and kids and parents, none of whom know where they are going. So young. So innocent. So corruptable.

Until we get this internet situation sorted out, I shall try and sneak in updates at work when no one is looking. Hopefully it shan't be long.


1.9.01 7:57 AM | heehee ]

Some nights, I feel like this. Sad, but true.

7:52 AM | aha ]

When I covered the issue of expiry dates a little while ago, I forgot to mention things that have an "implied" expiry date, such as vegetables and leftovers. Mostly I left these things out because since they don't have a stamped date, you are left to your own defenses anyway when figuring out when to toss them. But, while surfing this morning I have come across a little guide:

And on the subject of expiry dates? The article doesn't really say either way, but seems to subtly imply that expiry dates should be your deciding factor. Or, "when in doubt, throw it out."