27.2.02 7:00 PM | you sexy thang ]

I think someone has a lot of time on his hands, but this* is funny nonetheless. For some strange reason the beginning vaguely reminds me of Ally McBeal. Thankfully that feeling passes quite quickly.

*if the above link does not work, try here.


26.2.02 2:23 PM | happy dance ]

I'm one step closer to having a job! Woohoo!

DadadadadaaDAH! DadadadadaaDAH! DadadadadaaDAH!

(That's my little happy dance if you couldn't tell)

Yes, I got an email from my manager to tell me that things are finally in the works. Granted, it's not a 100% guarantee, but it's about as close as I can get until I have that little paper in my hand that tells me what day to show up on and how much money I'll be making.

'Cause I really *really* need money right now. And I really really want this job.

10:10 AM | early smarch? ]

It's three degrees outside and there's a ladybug crawling up my curtains.

Spring is on its way baby! (As soon as this winter storm warning passes, of course)


23.2.02 8:37 PM | Air Traffic ]

I didn't realize the connections I had accidentally made until after Air Traffic was finished. Plane. Bird. You'll understand. Maybe. Regardless, I think it's funny.

I'm not actually happy with the name, but nothing else came to mind, so ...

7:52 PM | it's got a funny taste ]

I haven't figured out why our cold water taps inexplicably give us *very* hot water every once in a while. It's only happened twice (to me) since we've moved in, but it's kind of a shock to the fingers to get steaming water when you are expecting chilly water. Our hot water taps don't even give us water that hot sometimes.

When I arrived back here after going home for Christmas, the taps were giving me brown water for a few days. I thought it was just due to the house being empty for a week, but now I'm beginning to wonder. Everyone did always warn me about Waterloo water when I first came to university.

5:37 PM | i believe i can fly ]

A few key tips on how to be a superhero.

"Of course, if you can fly, there’s nothing like a cape to add a bit of dash to your take-offs and landings. A cape can be the difference between the front page and the recipe section."

On a completely unrelated note, he called back. So at least I could tell him in person that he had the wrong number. He was looking for a Larry (I think - he mumbles a lot and has an accent, which makes him hard to hear, but easy to identify).


19.2.02 5:28 PM | wired ]

The bulk of wired was written in a chunk of time last summer, and it's pretty much been waiting for the final touches since then, so there aren't any "behind the scenes" details to pass along.

I'm trying to catch up on all the Tuesdays I've missed over the past month or so.


18.2.02 10:51 PM | Blind Faith ]

I recently realized that this month marks the fourth anniversary of my first recorded story, so to celebrate I give you Blind Faith. It's actually the 92nd writing in four years. Not too shabby I suppose. I guess it means more to me than to you. That's okay, I understand.

7:32 PM | lotta music ]

My boyfriend brought a CD of MP3s for me several weeks ago to listen to and, true to form, it's been playing almost non-stop in my computer ever since. And yet, every time I listen to it, it seems there is a new song that I have not heard yet. I just realized why: according to the playlist, there's almost ten and a half hours of music on this CD. Wow. That's a lotta music. Which then makes me wonder, why is it that there are certain songs I hear *every time* I play it?

7:13 PM | time warp ]

Lately my days seem to be passing very slowly. Some days this is a good thing. Other days, this is not. Whatever the case, it's throwing me off. Time loves to fuck with you like that.

1:45 PM | procrastinacious ]

Random thought of the day #2: Why are there no crazy dog ladies? Everyone has heard of a crazy cat lady at one point or another, but where are all the crazy dog ladies? Are dogs not just as addictive?

Afterthought: when I went back to work last term I ran into a woman who had been actively trying to adopt a kitten from the humane society when I had visited last. Curious, I asked her if she had managed to get one yet. She responded that she had decided not to get one because she "didn't want to become an old maid with twenty cats". She seemed very serious.

I, on the other hand, am looking forward to my future as a crazy cat lady. Hopefully not an old maid crazy cat lady, just the normal kind.

1:26 PM | points for politeness ]

We just got the funniest phone message I have heard in a while: "Uh, sorry, I got the wrong number."

Why would you leave a message saying you had the wrong number??

1:17 PM | screw the reading weekend ]

Well, my reading week unofficially started at 10:30 this morning. Sure I still have that pesky little hour-long class on Wednesday morning, but it's only one hour among many others. And no more midterms until March. Woohoo!

My goal for the week is to finish a few stories, but it seems the best laid plans always go awry with me, so we'll see what comes of it all. There's also a little shopping excursion for some pet food, new shoes and possibly a new dress for the Grad Ball to fit into my week.

Plus, of course, late nights and even later mornings if I'm lucky.

7:51 AM | random thought ]

It's funny that when you are bored, you end up reverting to the silly games you played in the eigth grade - truth or dare, skeletons in the closet, etc. I Never ... is really just an advanced version of skeletons. Except of course the questions have changed a little (or a lot) to reflect your slightly more grown up state. And you run the risk of finding out *way* too much information about some people, while you find that you have more in common with other people than you thought.


16.2.02 5:21 PM | SuperDrive ]

The new imac ads remind me more than a little of the Luxo Jr. short Pixar made several years ago. Not that this is a bad thing - that little bouncing lamp still makes me laugh to this day.


12.2.02 2:27 PM | can you guess mine? ]

What you always wondered about but were afraid to ask: Sex is Like a Box of Chocolate - what your favourite chocolate says about you as a lover.

Just so none of you cheat and look at the answers first, I'll give you the types of chocolate ahead of time. Think long and hard about this one.

solid chocolates: Solid dark, Solid milk, Solid white.
chocolates with nuts: Peanut-filled, Almond-filled.
filled chocolates: Nougat-filled, Caramel-filled, Truffles, all sorts, Peanut butter cream, Peppermint cream, Coconut cream, Orange cream.
cordials: Cordials without cherry, Cordials with cherry.

Got your favourite picked out? Okay, now go see what it says about you.

The one thing they don't mention is what it says about a person if he or she doesn't like chocolate?? After all, there are some crazy misguided people out there who just don't appreciate good chocolate ... ;)


11.2.02 8:03 AM | sleepless in Waterloo ]

After four nights of sleeping on my mother's living room couch, I was really looking forward to streatching out in my own bed last night. But after tucking myself in, I couldn't fall asleep. I tossed and turned for close to an hour before finally succumbing to slumber.

I'm thinking maybe it was a little too quiet since I no longer had to listen to Logan chase our other cats around all night. Funny how misbehaved she becomes in the presence of others.


7.2.02 7:03 PM | scaredy cat ]

It's a good thing that dogs make so much noise when they run, so at least you have a chance to grab your kitten and hoist her in the air before the dog jumps all over your legs and your kitten expands to twice her size and starts clawing at your arm and making exorcist nioses. Funny that my small kitten was on a leash while the much larger dog was running free. I guess the owner didn't expect it to leave its yard and run into ours.

Cute dog though. And all it wanted to do was play.

4:43 PM | bad luck? ]

It's been close to five years since I stepped inside a public library for anything other than checking out some light reading, but I figured it should have been pretty easy to find what I was looking for today - a few simple articles from the newspaper about three months back. After all, I spent a lot of time researching in the library in high school; I thought it would all come right back to me. After wandering for a few minutes among the various floors without even a glimpse of what I was looking for, I humbly asked the library staff where I could find archived newspapers. The woman was nice enough to show me where they were stored and even went through how to use the microfilm machine after I admitted that it had been a few years.

Two machines later I had the three articles I needed. Seems the first machine mysteriously "overheated" after I rewound the first roll of microfilm. Poor fragile machine couldn't take it. Since all I knew was that it would no longer go forward or backwards, I decided not to fiddle with the machine and instead asked the library staff for help. After she couldn't figure out what was wrong with it, she switched the microfilm onto another machine for me, explaining that sometimes the machines "just overheated". The second machine stopped working about halfway through the second roll of microfilm. (For some reason, all the articles I needed were at the very end of each microfilm, requiring much fast forwarding and rewinding.) I don't know if you are really suppose to advance the microfilm by hand but since it had been less than a minute since I had switched machines, I really didn't want to bother the library staff yet again by admitting that I had "broken" yet another machine. The third roll of microfilm went smoothly (must have been an uneventful week, the roll was quite small) and I quickly packed up my papers before anything else could happen. I even thanked the library staff for helping me with the machines.

They really should do something about fixing those machines so people like me can't "break" them.


5.2.02 3:48 PM | jetlogged ]

Maybe this is what I need to overcome my napping block.

"Maximum Fatigue Recovery in Minimum Time"


4.2.02 4:02 PM | afotd ]

Amusing fact of the day: Salon and Nerve seem to be owned by the same company, judging by the identical personals. (And no, I don't scope out personals on my spare time - I saw them both from the front page, thankyouverymuch).

It's not really surprising that they would be owned by the same parent company, that kind of thing is almost to be expected. It just seems odd that they share the same personal ads since the target audiences seem very different and an ad noticed on Nerve might elicit a different type of response than if it was noticed on Salon. Or maybe it's just me.

1:54 PM | napless ]

I don't think I've ever been one to truly appreciate the "mid-afternoon nap", although I really wish I could. Pretty much the only time I can sleep in the middle of the day is if I am sick, and then of course it is less like a nap and more like a series of momentary losses of consciousness, it is so fitful. Even if I pull an all-nighter, I usually have quite a bit of trouble falling asleep once the time comes, no matter how dark or how quiet I make the room.

In kindergarten, when all the other kids went down for their midday nap, I would follow the teacher around the room rather than lie down on my little mat. Although I think that had more to do with a recurring nightmare about a headless horseman breaking through the windows of the schoolroom while we all slept, but I could be wrong.