30.5.02 9:38 AM | slower than molasses ]

I think starfish may move even slower than snails.


28.5.02 10:09 AM | circular logic ]

On some level it amuses me when I get an email telling me to update my "outdated" information with the "current" information, only to follow the link and find out that the "current" information is actually a copy of my "outdated" information.


26.5.02 11:03 PM | fluorescent almost ]

You know, even when you have been warned about it, peeing bright orange still carries some shock value.


21.5.02 1:47 PM | smoked ]

Pleasant side effect of going to a cottage for the weekend: the lingering scent of the campfire when you get home.

Unpleasant side effect of going to a cottage for the weekend: the lingering scent of the campfire even after two showers at home.


17.5.02 8:14 AM | Fuzzed ]

Get Fuzzy has been doing strips about horoscopes for the past week or so. Today's is Pisces, which happens to be my sign. And we get a good look at one of the small mysteries of the past - Smacky. (Although we did figure out it was a teddy bear a little while ago)


16.5.02 11:47 PM | trials and tribulations ]

I've actually been *trying* to post ever since monday, but Blogger has been less than friendly and keeps giving up on me just after I finally get it. And now the things I was going to post no longer really have relevance so ... I'm empty-handed again.

I am working on a kitten/hedgie cam, since I got a free cam when I signed up for Sympatico. I just have to figure out how to get two cams going at once. And yes, there's a reason they're giving these little suckers away for free. They kinda, well ... suck. The picture is grainy and has a unique colour scheme going, but I can't really complain too much since it was ... free.

I'm off to a cottage for the lovely drinking weekend. Hopefully Blogger and I will be on better terms when I return. Funny how a holiday to commemorate a queen is commonly referred to instead by its similarity to a case of beer.


12.5.02 5:57 PM | lazy days ]

I know it looks like I'm doing nothing, based on the lack of posts, but really .. I'm doing nothing. I've been spending my days sleeping in late, sitting on my butt all day watching tv/movies and lounging around.

All of this laziness ends tomorrow with my first day of work. But since I need the money to furnish my sparse apartment, I'm looking forward to it (plus, daytime television really isn't that interesting).


9.5.02 1:00 AM | thumbboard makes it slightly easier ]

The vacation is posted. Now don't get all excited, expecting miracles or anything. It's hard to write all that junk in a tiny little handspring.


7.5.02 10:57 AM | the war of the furballs ]

You know, I never really liked getting up at quarter after six in the morning, but when my body still thinks it's quarter after three, I like it even less.

Our cats (meaning the ones that live at my mother's house that use to be mine until I moved away to University) are having a little trouble dealing with having my cats around. They are hissing, batting the air, and are generally just pretty cranking little people. Poor kitties.

Unfortunately, they are showing their displeasure by relieving themselves. On my mother's bed. Or on the sleeping bag that she must sleep in since they soiled her bed. While she is in said sleeping bag. Poor mom.

Thankfully, my bed (meaning the living room couch) has remained out of the war for now. I leave tonight anyway, so things should get back to normal tomorrow. Or at least I hope so, for the sake of my mother's bed.

12:28 AM | back to the real world ]

Alaska was beautiful, although our stateroom was a little on the chilly side but being the Canadians that we are, we said nothing and just wore our fleece inside. It was actually colder in our stateroom than it was outside in Skagway. Of course it was also colder in Mississauga before we left than it was in Alaska. The local teenager in Ketchikan put us to shame, skatebaording along in only a tank top while everyone off the ship shivered in their winter jackets, toques and gloves.

Animals that showed themselves to us (or that we spied on):

6.5.02 10:45 PM EDT | YYZ ]

It must be nice to be that person whose luggage is the first out on the conveyor belt.

10:30 PM EDT | YYZ ]

I never really understood separate single-stall bathrooms for men and women, as opposed to gender neutral single stalls. There's only one person in there at a time anyway, so why worry about what gender the person is? I wasn't aware that cooties were still a threat in this day and age.

4:35 PM PDT | Somewhere over Calgary ]

First class is just too cool. First of all, I can stick my legs out in front of me when sitting in the chair and still not touch the seat in front of me. There's a footrest that can be raised or lowered at the touch of a button.They give you a towelette to wipe the newspaper ink off your hands and a warm towel to wipe your face or hands before you eat. You have your choice of shows (on your own tv!) and the alcohol is free.

And all of this because we didn't originally get seats together and had to wait until the end after all the other passengers had checked in first.

5.5.02 11:10 AM AKDT | Somewhere in the ocean ]

There was a slight confusion this morning as we went to pay for a purchase (my mother bought me a painting as my graduation gift :))

"What's your stateroom number, please?"




"That can't be right."

"... Umm ... Why not?"

"That's my room number!"

It turns out there are two rooms numbered 6133 - one crew, and one passenger. After a few laughs about invisible roommates and such, we signed for the painting and then promptly went to the credit desk to make sure none of their charges had ended up on our account (since half the time you only give your room number when signing for anything) and vice versa. Fortunately none of their charges appeared on our account. Unfortunately all our charges appeared on our account.

4.5.02 6:20 PM AKDT | Ketchikan, AK ]

Interesting factoid of the day: the halibut is born with an eye on each side of its body, but by maturity the eye on the white side has migrated to the darker side so both eyes are on one side.

5:40 PM AKDT | Ketchikan, AK ]

Since making a phone call from the ship deprives you of US$5.95/minute ($6.95 if the call is to outside the US\Canada) every time we are in port you see lines five to ten people long for each of the public phones within a one or two block radius of the dock. Which is why, of course, I haven't phoned any of you lovely people (that and the four hour tiime difference). It's not the passengers tying up the phone lines - they all use their cell phones - but the crew; since almost the entire crew hails from outside North America, qnd they have to sign up for six to eight months at a time, I guess they have little other method to stay in touch with people at home. I'd hate to be a local in need of a phone on the days a cruise ship is in town. Especially since we have been the only cruise ship in any of the ports this week, whereas normally there are up to five.

5:20 PM AKDT | Ketchikan, AK ]

You sure do get your exercise here, walking up and down the steep streets to make your way around the city. However, when using a map to figure out where you are in this town you must keep in mind that what is listed as a 'street' on the map may in fact be a set of wooden stairs with houses leading off of it.

3:10 PM AKDT | Ketchikan, AK ]

It's funny to see a bald eagle, the symbol of strength, being chased by a much smaller raven. And it hasn't been one - every bald eagle we have watched so far - six or so in two different towns - has had a run-in with a raven and has been chased away or to higher altitudes. Which makes me think ravens must be vicious little things.

It is quite beautiful though to watch an eagle soar above you, just gliding on the wind currents without needing to flap its wings.

4:45 AM AKDT | Outside Ketchikan, AK ]

My mother must have some kind of built in alarm clock since she has been up in time to watch the sun rise every morning this trip - even with the time change. And she's either gotten *much* better at not making noise when she gets up or I've been really tired, since I've only heard her one morning.

3.5.02 1:50 PM AKDT | Glacier Bay, AK ]

Someone in the galley sure likes nutmeg, judging by the number of dishes that contain the spice. In some soups it is quite nice, but clam chowder is generally better if it is left out. And lychee soup is. in my opinion, quite inedible when it is included. Thankfully the chocolate soup was spared such an untimely end.

2.5.02 10:10 PM AKDT | Haines, AK ]

A harbour seal played hide-and-seek with us for about ten minutes tonight, peeking its head above the water, looking around and then sinking below the surface once more. It capped off the evening quite nicely as we had spotted bald eagles earlier (unfortunately only though our binoculars) which in itself made our trip ashore worth it.

4:30 PM AKDT | Skagway, AK ]

There's obviously something about me that screams "She's doing something illegal!!" since every single time I have boarded the ship again after being on shore, the ship's security have searched my bags. I see them wave person after person ahead of me by, but I always seem to be arousing attention. Since the majority of the passengers have long passed sixty I would say, and of those who haven't only a few would be my age, I haven't figured out yet if it is simply a case of ageism or if I just have some quality about me that makes me special.

1.5.02 9:45 PM AKDT | Juneau, AK ]

With no roads in or out of the city, I guess it only makes sense that there would be only one bus that runs. But aparently it doesn't run directly to where we wanted to go.

10:00 AM AKDT | Somewhere in the ocean ]

It looks like the movie theatres may have learned their trick from the cruise lines - we're hungry again only a few hours after we've eaten what seems like an unbelievable amount of food. It doesn't really help that you can get food twenty-four hours a day on the ship and all of it is delicious. And since you can pick and choose what you want to eat without worrying about the price, you tend to run with one of two trains of thought - either it's 'free' so you try all the things you haven't tried before, as well as all the things you already know you like, or I've already paid for it so you try one of everything so you get your money's worth.

30.4.02 6:20 AM PDT | Somewhere in the ocean ]

It's hard to get use to sleeping in clothes again, but there's just something about hotel (ship) beds that makes me reluctant to get completely naked. I know they wash the sheets and all but still - alot of people have slept in those beds.