23.9.02 10:16 AM | start chaining things to my desk ]

The cleaners can move my garbage can every night, hiding it so I have to go on a little hunt in the morning, but they can't vacuum up the pens I lose under my desk. Figures.


22.9.02 9:43 PM | knee biter ]

After hanging out with a seven-year old for a few hours today I realize I am *so* not ready to childrenify my life. Granted my children will not crawl under the table ten minutes into dinner, nor will they repeatedly ask every thirty seconds if we are done yet ... but the days of little ankle biters running around my place are still many many years away. In the meantime, I'll enjoy all the babies brought in to work by the proud parents (it's like a baby factory or something. Every time I turn around another person is pregnant!!).

10:56 AM | dirty, but literate, thieves ]

I had to cancel my subscription to the Toronto Star only a few weeks after getting it because someone in my building keeps stealing my Saturday Star. With the colour comics, every imaginable section and the handy Starweek, giving you a glimpse of the week in tv to come, I guess it's a pretty tempting lure. Which of course is why I wanted it in the first place. The Sunday Star is good and all, but really .. it's yesterday's news.


16.9.02 11:32 PM | cohabitation ]

After four months of living by myself, I was beginning to think that maybe I could start living with someone again. That is until I heard my boss' stories today about the problems she is experiencing having her brother and another friend live with her for the past few months. She at least has a townhouse to spread out in; I think I've expanded far enough into the rooms of my apartment to make it hard to make space for another full-time person.

Maybe I need a roommate just long enough to remind me why I didn't want a roommate in the first place :)


13.9.02 7:55 PM | it's all in the timing ]

No sooner do I get my new computer home, my old computer does its little nowayamibootingnomatterwhatyoudo thang. After much effort trying to get it to start and two hours of "time out" time, the only way I could get it to boot was off the CD, which is works for the moment so I'm not too concerned. I think most of my stuff was backed up to various other places anyway.

And so ends the saga of the computer. Hopefully my new little bundle of circuits will treat me well.


11.9.02 10:19 PM | made my day ]

The following email arrived in my mailbox just a few short minutes ago:

The hypocrisy is overwhelming, yet quite amusing.

5:59 PM | not just the crazy *cat* lady ]

Do you have any idea how hard it is to use a computer when you have a kitten for a glare screen? Sure it's cute to see the little paws reaching out and all, but ...

My friend offered me her sister's guinea pig the other night - her sister can 'no longer take care of it' and suggested I take it, but with two cats and a hedgehog already, I think my pet card is all filled up. I've never had a guinea pig, but still ... I don't know if I would be able to give it the home it deserves. On the other hand, part of me thinks it'll be better off with me based, judging by how she ignores her rabbit. But then again, I already have a cat that blocks the better part of my monitor; who needs anything more.

3:00 PM | oops ... forgot to stir ]

When I was younger I poured spoonfuls and spoonfuls of sugar on my cereal, mixing it in and pouring more on until it all sank to the bottom and I had a good strong sugar-milk concoction going. I don't know how my parents couldn't have noticed how much sugar we (I) went through, but I would always have a thick layer of gooey sugar on the bottom of my bowl when I was done eating all that healthy cereal crap. I tried not to disturb the bottom too much so that the maximum amount of sugar remained to savour at the end.

I didn't really think much about why my tea tasted so bland until I got to the bottom and sucked up the sugar that had settled there. Mmmmmmm.

7:52 AM | a little wilder ]

I rented Van Wilder on the weekend and could not for the life of me remember where I had seen the actor who plays the title role before ("Two Guys and a Girl" as it turns out.)

It turns out we also share a little something in common:

Has a fear of flying since he once went skydiving and [the] parachute failed to open at the first attempt.

Except I still love to fly. Not that I don't get an extra little twinge of fear when we hit turbulance ...


9.9.02 11:00 PM | weird day ]

It feels so much like a friday today, it's a little sad to think that it's only monday. I keep looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow only to realize that that 'tomorrow' is still four more days away.

I learned today that someone I work with died last week. He was only twenty-five. I knew him pretty much only from sight - I think we might have exchanged hellos once or twice in passing - but for some reason it's sticking in my head. Like me, he had done a coop work term at the company, had just graduated from university and had been hired full time. It was his second day of work - he left for work in the morning and just never made it there.

He was only twenty-five and he just ... stopped ... being.

5:32 PM | gadzooks ]

Now my (new!) keyboard at work is playing a fun game of switching the Caps Lock on/off functionality (Caps lock is on when the light is off, off when the light is on) requiring me not just to log out and log back in but to restart the computer entirely to resolve the problem. Add that to my maybe-I'll-boot-maybe-I-won't computer at home and I'm having a wee bit of a bad streak here. Mayhaps I just shouldn't touch computers anymore ... or at least not keyboards ...


8.9.02 11:33 AM | wotd ]

I wonder if it is a coincidence that Doctionary.com's word of the day for today is

xenophobia: Fear or hatred of strangers, people from other countries, or of anything that is strange or foreign.

Coming up to the one-year anniversary, along with remembering all the lives lost in New York, I am also reminded of all the misguided hatred that fell out of the events of last September, and how many innocent people were victimized simply because of the colour of their skin or ethnic background.

I wonder if someone else was reminded of that too.