28.11.02 8:35 AM | 'sociopathic personality'? ]

Bush anything but moronic, according to author is anything but the supportive missive I thought it might be when I first saw the title.

Ever since Bush was elected, I think people have had a few worries over what he might do; now it seems we have another reason to fear him in a position of power.


22.11.02 7:54 AM | weird things people do ]

What would you do if you had $9,400 US? Would you:

  1. Treat yourself to an exotic luxery cruise? (lifespan: a week or two plus the memories)
  2. Buy yourself a new car? (lifespan: five to ten years)
  3. Put a downpayment on a house? (lifespan: potentially a lifetime)
  4. Buy a hint to the next Harry Potter book? (lifespan: until the book gets published sometime next year, or until someone leaks the information which is more likely sooner)
7:49 AM | what's next - extreme sleeping? ]

No offence to anyone involved in 'extreme' sports, but I think Extreme ironing has gone a little too far.

7:34 AM | welcome! ]

An excerpt from an email in my inbox this morning (asterisks mine):

I'd like to first point you to the initial asterisk - and the lack of a name. You can plainly see that there *should* be a name there, evidenced by the comma that follows, but alas, there is no name. Tsk, tsk.

I'd now like to bring your attention to the second asterisk. "Important information about your service." You ask - What's wrong with that? A vaild phrase, makes sense, right? Except I haven't used Rogers Hi-Speed Internet in a year and a half. Cable yes, but not internet. And it clearly states, "Welcome to the Holiday edition of your *Rogers Hi-Speed Internet* Newsletter."

Which brings about a third thought - I've not recieved any other editions - holiday or not - of this newsletter. Makes me think someone's falling down on the job there. That and the fact that I'm not even a customer.


21.11.02 9:09 AM | 'meticulous sense of detail', ha! ]

Apparently, I must have an 'inner e' to me, 'cause this just ain't me. (except for the resisting change thing)

Maybe this explains why everyone insists on writing my name with the e - they can see my inner e.

8:10 AM | still a young'n though ]


Happy Birthday



19.11.02 9:25 AM | i can hear, shutup! ]

"Can you hear me now? Good."

I've heard this three or four times in the last few minutes. Obviously one of our helpdesk people is having a phone problem, but still ... it reminds me of a Verizon commercial.


17.11.02 10:58 PM | twofer ]

Expectations and otherwise and fuzzy logic.


14.11.02 6:50 PM | veddy veddy inneresting ]

Interesting ... you can go over your credit card limit, but you get charged a fee for going over the limit. So not only do you get charged interest, but an additional ten bucks!

Shows me for not paying attention to my balance.


13.11.02 6:28 PM | the twilight zone ]

Just when I thought my cats couldn't get any weirder, I walk into the bathroom to find Logan sitting in the bathtub, licking the bar of Irish Spring in the soap dish.

My. Oh. My.


11.11.02 6:37 PM | quick change ]

I want to know when my mother stopped being my mother and started being ... not my mother. You know, how your parents change and all of a sudden they are people?

3:20 PM | amusement of the day ]

One of the printers at work is a little sketchy and tends to eat paper and not let go of it if you try to send any duplex print jobs. So, some time last week a conscientious (read: incredibly frustrated) person wrote a note and stuck it on the printer saying "Duplexing does not work on this printer".

And some other person, feeling the need to as equally conscientious, added below "Neither does double-sided printing".

... ?

Now, either someone quite innocently did not understand the meaning of duplexing (possible) or - more likely - this is someone's idea of a joke. And true, I laughed. But bud, we ain't laughing with you, we're laughing at you. In a nice, not malicious way ... but still at.


10.11.02 9:59 PM | spin spin sugar ]

I wouold have tried to upload Spin Spin Sugar last night, but I just didn't feel like fighting the dialup demons.


8.11.02 7:41 AM | taking responsibility ]

Two different responses to what is essentially the same problem:

UK: U.K. to target 'police racism'

"We must get to the bottom of these issues. Where we are seeing the results of continuing discrimination we must work together to root it out,"

Toronto: Ontario chiefs back Fantino's profiling denial

"It's certainly not something that we're that concerned about because we don't believe it exists."


1.11.02 2:14 PM | vengence ]

At first I thought that I had picked up a bunch of cat hair on my new sweater this morning, until I realized the fine fuzz was actually embedded in the sweater. Turns out it's part mohair. Someone just pointed out that now I can shed on the cats.

Heh heh. [rubs hands gleefully]