31.12.02 7:04 PM | Old Lang Syne ]

You know, I thought this whole "wedding on New Years" thing was going to be kind of fun since I'll take pretty much every opportunity I can find to get all girl-ed up in my finest finery and there are no two better events to get all gussied up than weddings and New Years. But I've realized that it kind of sucks. In an hour I will be watching my friend get married, but in the meantime I'm sitting here, eating the last of my Swedish berries (none for you, sorry) ...


My rest of my friends are all in Guelph having a nice little gathering, my boyfriend is in Windsor because he chose to spend New Years with his friends (yes I'm just the teensist bitter because he never even *considered* coming with me when I told him we were invited to this wedding, just "oh, that's too bad we won't get to spend it together. I'll be in spending New Years with my friends", this on the way back from the fourth of his family/friends weddings I have gone to with him this year) and the only witnesses to this night are my cats, who I love, but with whom I just don't have that "I want to spend my New Years Eve with you" kinda vibe going.

Happy New Year.

I'm beginning to think I shouldn't be allowed out during the holidays - they don't leave me very 'holi-', just dazed. Or maybe I just suffer from a compacted case of S.A.D. all bunched into a month of madness ...


30.12.02 12:27 AM | strangers in the night ]

I always have trouble with endings, and Strangers in the Night was no exception.

I'm sure I'll think of a better ending next week. But then again, that is the 'joy' of writing: it's never finished, no matter how many times you 'finish' it.


26.12.02 10:05 AM | chaos ]

Five cats.

Hopped up on catnip.

One house.

God help us all.


18.12.02 7:17 PM | the finished product ]

I look pretty good, ifIdosaysomyself.

6:10 PM | puttin' on the ritz ]

Why is it that my brand new, never before used hairdryer decided to conk out five minutes into my hair drying experience, on tonight, the night of my work Christmas party, leaving me scrambling to balance the diffuser on my *old* hairdryer in an attempt to tame my curls into something resembling controlled?

Side note: I discovered this weekend just how curly my hair really is. Previously I thought that it was merely very wavy; however, when dried with a diffuser it actually looks as if I have permed my hair. Cute little ringlets and everything. And it only took me almost twenty-five years to discover this.

Another side note: It's pretty funny to go to work parties because everyone gets all prettied up and no-one recongnizes anyone because they aren't wearing the beaten-in pair of jeans that is the staple of their work wardrobe. We in the documentation area are slightly easier to spot as we are known (kind of) as one of the more stylish groups in the company and so the leap is not as great from work to party. Of course this just means we get even prettier-ed up.


17.12.02 2:22 PM | my amusement for the day ]

So .. apparently I'm a freak.

Last week I had a (what turned out to be E. coli) infection, but since I had all of the standard symptoms but none of the proof, they sent me for an ultrasound yesterday morning just to make sure something else wasn't causing my symptoms. I wasn't really worried, thinking that this was just a standard infection. Until yesterday morning. I knew that they must have found *something* because they spent far more time on my left side than my right side and they don't just do that for fun.

I just got the call from the clinic today telling me the doctor "wanted to speak to me about my ultrasound results". Ok. So he went on to tell me that I did have an E. coli infection and that the antibiotics he gave me work really well at clearing up that kind of infection and was I good and did I take them all (yes) ... and then he told me that I have an extra tube from my kidney to my bladder. Just like that. Nothing to worry about, just a little something extra hidden way down inside me. On my left side no less.

So, I've been a freak since birth and I didn't even know it :)

As a side note, I spent most of the ultrasound trying to get a peak at the ultrasound screen to see if it is something that my company makes, but it was turned just a little too far to the right for me to have a good look. There's an almost identical machine sitting in the lab near my cube, which made me curious. When I had the ultrasound of my heart done several years ago, I tried to take a look (who wouldn't want to see their heart beating!?) but the technician purposefully turned the machine away from me so that I couldn't see! B*tch.


16.12.02 4:14 PM | fa la la la bah ]

I think I am officially Christmas music-ed out.


14.12.02 11:55 AM | all in good fun ]

In response to Brad's allegations, I can assure you all that Matt Goyer has not taken over the UW blog ring, nor is he planning a takeover of the world. Matt is a fine upstanding young man who wants nothing more than the continued success of the blog ring. I am appalled at the disrespect and hurtful rumors. I, for one, feel privileged to have him on the ring and to know such a pillar of the community.

No! Matt, put down the baseball bat, Matt. I did like you told me! I swear! I told them I still owned the ring. I think they bought it! Please put down the baseball bat Matt! Please don't hurt me! What if I gave you mayhaps too! You can even have caught in a lie! It doesn't have to come to this, Matt. No! Please don't hurt me! Nooooooooo!


10.12.02 12:04 AM | almost there ]

Just when I thought my living room was finally the way I wanted it, I went and broke my coffee table.

Well .. not the whole coffee table. Just the one leg. A simple little push to get the coffee table back in place and snap! ... only three legs.

I guess it'll make it easier to refinish now. Harder to eat in front of the TV though. Which, in retrospect, is probably a good thing.


7.12.02 11:11 AM | frodo cattins ]

Today's Get Fuzzy was entirely too funny. If you are a fan of The Lord of The Rings, and find Get Fuzzy even marginally funny, I think you should read it. Start with November 29th's strip for the whole LOTR-related storyline (You can skip Dec1st since it's not part of the storyline - although it is very funny)


6.12.02 10:01 AM | it's perdy ]

All snow should be that light fluffy snow that falls off your car with just the lightest touch. Sure, kids can't make snowballs or snowmen out of it, but kids get excited about almost anything - I think they should concede snow to the adults.

7:10 AM | iz cleeen ]

Wow. The last time my apartment was this clean was probably ... the day before I moved in.


3.12.02 8:50 PM | making plans ]

making plans to paint my bedroom, making plans to paint the bathroom, making plans to paint the second bedroom (basically making plans to paint everything), making plans to rearrange the living room, making plans to do something with the kitchen, making plans, making plans, making plans ...

get an idea. just an idea. talk. discuss. an idea becomes a plan ...

making new plans for the second bedroom, making new plans for the living room, making new plans for the kitchen, making plans for parking, making plans, making plans, making plans ...

stop. getting ahead of ourselves here. wait. wait.

(but still making plans just in case)


2.12.02 8:17 AM | not so abnormal after all ]

And people gave me the ohmygod look when I had to do it when my bird died: today's For Better or For Worse