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This made me laugh so hard, I actually cried.

The last few times I have visited my massage therapist, I’ve come out feeling slightly better and slightly worse. Slightly better because whatever ailment I had has been mashed and twisted to a pulp. Worse because, well, I’ve been mashed and twisted to a pulp. And I know that I’m suppose to tell her if it hurts too much, but most of the time the pain is temporary, but the result is more long lasting. It’s one of the good pains.

Today, however, I think I should have said uncle. Today, I think I might bruise.

I’m not sure exactly when the transition occured, but somehow my friends and I grew up. Sure, there is still the occassional relapse into our younger selves, but it seems with every passing day someone else is getting engaged/married or getting a house.

Hehe. Well, one out of two ain’t bad, right? 😉

Yup, I’m one of those people, the “new wedding” people.

I have … a house.