We are officially in the double-digits for our wedding. Ninety-nine days.

So far away and yet, so close.

So far the planning is going well, I suppose. But I feel somewhat bogged down in some of the details. Writing up the invitation wording was fun (mostly). Choose the font was not fun. Choosing my wedding dress was fun (more fun than I actually expected it to be). Choosing shoes to go with the dress was not fun*. We haven’t registered yet, but everyone tells me that is fun. We haven’t had our tasting yet, but I expect that will be fairly fun.

But, of course, what we’re really looking forward to is the day of the wedding. We attended the wedding of two of our friends last weekend and had such a great time. It’s so nice to be ablet to share something like that with family and friends. When I was younger, I always thought that I’d want to do a destination wedding, but a few years ago at the wedding of one of my closest friends, I realized that it wouldn’t be the same without friends and family there. And it’s not too often that you see a destination wedding with 65 guests. 🙂

Ninety-nine days to go.

*Except that I found a pair today! YAY!!


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