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Reciprocating. Reciprocating. Reciprocating. Reciprocating.

For some reason, I cannot remember the name of the saw that we bought to finish off the fence – I keep wanting to call it a recirculating saw (perhaps because most of the fence was done with a circular saw?) or a retracting saw, or a reverberating saw – anything but a reciprocating saw (which is what it is).

I’m hoping that this will finally cement it in my head. And I hope that the reciprocating saw is the answer to our problem of how to trim down our massive fence posts to a reasonable height.

(Each post is 6″ thick and approximately 8.5′ tall)

The baby got his/her first “especially for you”* gift today.

Dang, baby things sure are cute! And, these come all the way from Iceland!

On a completely unrelated note, the mystery item is a mystery no more! It is Celery root. Although I still don’t have a good idea of what to do with it.

* While the baby has received many used items from our generous friends, this is the first item that was bought specifically for the baby.

We decided to try an organic foodshare this year (we’ve actually be meaning to do it for years, but never quite hooked up with the right people) and tonight was our first pickup. Since we had never tried it out, we thought we’d start with the small bag for a month and see how it went.

This is what it looked like spread out on our counter.

Many of the items were easy to identify, but I did have to take to the web to identify a few (and after an hour, I still had not identified one). We were pleasantly surprised by the variety in the bag (although you will note that there are three different kinds of salad greens. Good thing that we like salads. There may be four if Pak choi is considered a salad green, but so far I have only gone as far as identifying it, not figuring out how to use it).

In case you are curious, they are: 1. Green onions and chives – 2. Lettuce (green leaf) – 3. Shiitake Mushrooms – 4. Rhubarb – 5. Bananas – 6. Pak choi – 7. Bag of greens (which once unpacked also yielded mint and another item that I can recognize but not name) – 8. Raddishes – 9. Asparagus – 10. Lettuce (butterhead, I think) – 11. Lemon – 12. Potatoes – 13. Carrot – 14. Parsnip – 15. Mystery item

The mystery item has me a bit stumped. I thought I recognized the smell of it, but the look of it was a bit off-putting.

Kind of creepy looking, no? In the end I decided to try to taste it and while it still seems familiar, I just can’t place it. I may just cook it and see what happens!