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I was gonna be that person who didn’t talk “baby talk” to our baby. I read/heard many, many years ago, before Abby was even a dream, that baby talk actually dumbs down kids (we shall ignore the dumbing effect on parents) and that they learn to speak earlier when given the actual words for things. And who doesn’t want their baby to thrive? So I was determined that we would avoid the unintelligible patter that befalls some parents.

But, alas, I’ve noticed lately that some made up words are creeping into our vocabulary:

  • Abby wants/gets nom noms (om nom nom).
  • Abby currently has the snorgles (stuffed up nose, making her snort).
  • When I’m frustrated or need to swear but cannot, I say Germiner (that’s spelled phonetically). I have no idea what the origin of that one is, but I’ve said it for YEARS.

… just to name a few.

I think that I get it from my dad. To this day, I still refer to eggs (at least in my head) as cackleberrys, as that is what he called them when I was a kid.

I suppose it can’t be that bad to use made up words since I turned out okay. Right?


Do you think Abby likes Paco?


I mean, who else would steal a bag of microwave popcorn from a stocking, rip it open, and spread it out all over the living room carpet?

Umm, Paco? Why does your breath smell like butter?



Did you happen to see

the most beautiful girl in the world?

And if you did

was she crying?


When Abby was first born, she looked like an alien when she cried. I don’t know if all babies go through that stage or not, but it was both cute and quite fascinating. I’ve heard people say babies generally look like aliens when they are born, but Abby managed to resemble a human quite well, I think (except for the times she was crying, of course). Perhaps it was partly becasuse there were no tears to go along with the scrunched up face. Mostly it was the scrunched up face though. I would have liked to get a picture of it, but I always felt that I should be doing something to comfort her now, rather than capturing the moment for reflection later.

Then at some point she stopped looking like an alien and just started looking so incredibly sad. And yet, still so cute at the same time.

Thankfully she doesn’t cry as much anymore. ‘Cuz it started to break my heart after a while!

My mom was comforting her while I snapped the pictures.


Last year, we participated in a card exchange. Our card looked something like this:

Of course, it took many, many attempts to get those two pictures, but it was fun (mostly) and we got several comments on how cute it was. Which, of course, meant that I felt a little pressure for this year’s card exchange. And this year I also had to wrangle a baby.

A few outtakes:

Finally, with a little more practice and the help of Photoshop, we had a card!

It didn’t quite turn out as I had envisoned, but I’m still pretty happy with it. And I know the cats aren’t in it – this is what I get when I try to include them.