There’s something so classic about little kid’s footie pajamas. I remember having them when I was a kid and loving them (of course, since they were all part of one-piece PJs, I also remember my parents cutting off the feet as we grew too tall for the PJs).

Abby, on the other hand, doesn’t love them. Of course, it isnt just footie PJs that she doesn’t like, it’s also socks and shoes and slippers, and anything else that covers her toes. I guess she just loves having her feet be free, which was fine when it was summer but not so good now that the snow is hitting the ground and all our floors are hardwood.

But, a few weeks ago, in amongst all the other hand-me-down clothes we inherited, we discovered a pair of covertable footie PJs!

I’ve been slowly using them in an attempt to acclimatize Abby to the idea of having her feet covered – I can pull them down to cover her feet, then flip them back up as soon as she starts to pick at them. I think it’s working, which is good because we’ve gotten some awfully cute slippers too.