It’s pretty common practice to get a second set of eyes to look at something – either to make sure that others would read it the same way, or to see if there is anything you missed the first time around. I do that with proposals and other plans that I write for work to ensure that the goal is clear and to potentially head off any questions that might get asked. For this blog, I will often let a post sit for a day or more before coming back to it, to make sure that I haven’t missed anything (not a “true” second set of eyes, but still a second glance).

We’re finding with Abby that we’re viewing things through a new set of eyes all the time now – hers. When choosing a paint colour for the living room/dining room, we ended up switching to a different primer that was no-VOC and a different paint that was low-VOC to help keep the fumes down while we worked. We’ve always been very careful about putting pesticides on the lawn because of the pugs, but now that Abby also shares that space, it makes even more sense. Even garbage day takes on a new meaning when you see how excited Abby gets about the “big trucks” stopping in front of our house.

Most years we go see the Christmas light displays at the local park, mostly for the apple cider since the displays themselves don’t actually change year to year. Last year Abby still wasn’t too interested in them, but this year she has been pointing out Christmas lights on houses in the neighbourhood so I think she’s going to be really excited to see the light displays. And maybe that will make them feel a little more magical to us as well.