When I was younger (in my teens) I did quite a bit of sewing. Mostly dresses and shirts, since my longer torso made it hard for me to find outfits that fit properly. When I moved away for university, the sewing machine stayed behind. And even though I got it back a few years later when I had a place of my own, I never went back to the same level of sewing. The last few years, my sewing machine has mostly been used for repairs rather than new items.

After university, I transitioned into knitting. I made shawls, cowls, and Moebius/infinity scarves. For a year or two I really enjoyed making pug and dog sweaters. And, of course, the gnomes. But, in the last few years, my knitting time has taken a nosedive. I still enjoy knitting when I get to it, but other things often take priority. I built up quite a stash of yarn that is now begging to be used – although my fabric stash still probably rivals my yarn stash.

I’ve had my eye on an infinity scarf for a while, and recently remembered a flowing bit of fabric languishing in my fabric bins. Yesterday was cold and rainy, so I set about trying to make my own infinity scarf. I used this tutorial and it turned out perfectly. And it was fast! It probably took as long for me to dig through my fabric bins to find the fabric I had in mind as it did to sew the scarf. My kids were suitably intrigued and I ended up making one for each of them as well. Mine follows the pattern and is 28″ wide, but I made the kids’ versions a little narrower at 16″ wide.

Sadly, most of my fabric stash is too stiff for infinity scarves, so if I want to make any more I first need to make a trip to the fabric store.

Darn. 😉