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When looking through the classifieds for apartments, I came across this restriction: “No tigers.”

Damn. Guess that ruins my chances of becoming the crazy cat/tiger lady.

Note to self: Do not believe Environment Canada when they say the “Winter Storm Warning” is no longer in effect, particularily when you cannot see out the window because of the wall of white snow.

Note to self 2: Only crazy people go out to Timmy’s for coffee during a “Non-Winter Storm Warning” winter storm.

Note to self 3: Next time, don’t be a crazy person.

Aparently the key to getting my posts to publish correctly was to create an entirely new blog.

With exactly the same settings as the old non-publishing blog.


It’s hard to tell these days when someone rolls up a coffee cup lid, whether the exclamation of joy is because they won something or because they lost again. With our current winnings total at 7 in 112, some people have made a game it trying to see how long they can go without winning. So far, the largest loss is 0 for 22, which doesn’t quite fit the 1 in 9 average given for the contest.

It seems that someone else is missing the salt water fishtank inhabitants just as much as we are: the tank is now filled with pictures someone printed out (colour no less!) and hung from the cover over the tank. They even printed out a starfish.

The rumour is that we aren’t getting any of the fish back. After more than two months, I’m inclined to think that it’s more than just a rumour. There has been some whispering that we might get other entertainment (lizards perhaps?) to fille the tank, and other rumours that the space will just get filled with plants.

I personally would love to see some iguanas or chameleons in there, but I think the chances of that are slim. Plants just don’t have personality.

Even though winter “ended” only a little more than a week ago, it seems that people have already forgotten how to drive with snow on the ground.

And we’re not talking about a lot of snow here.