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Well, almost all my stuff is now in the new apartment. It’s all still in boxes in the new apartment, but at least it is here. The only things that didn’t make it yet are my fish tanks, mostly because I got tired of the whole moving thing and stairs thing (third floor to ground and back up the third floor again, no elevator) and pretty much threw in the towel for the day. So it means for the next few days I have to make an extra trip there in the mornings to feed them and another at night for the second feeding until I finally have the time to properly move and set up the tank without killing the fish.

Damn, my butt better look good after climbing all those stairs.

Internet at home is a wonderful wonderful thing. Even if it means getting up at 7am on a saturday to wait for the cable guy to come. And then waiting two and a half hours for him to come.

I almost feel like a kid on Christmas morning.

It’s really bad when you can’t read your own handwriting.

And even worse when you vaguely remember thinking at the time you wrote it that you couldn’t even read it then, and yet you still didn’t fix it.

One more day ’til I get my internet access again.

Even though I am not officially living there yet, the new apartment is beginning to feel like home; when I walked in last night, I actually checked to make sure the cats didn’t run out – which is silly of course since they are still at the old apartment with me.

Someone left me some flowers at my new apartment and it’s bugging me to figure out who it is. I’m assuming it’s probably not the people who moved out, although they did seem like very nice people, since they left more than a week ago and the flowers are still fresh (and I don’t remember seeing them when I went to take measurements last week). I doubt the painter/plasterer would becase, well, why would he/she? Which really only leaves the superintendent, who just doesn’t seem that like that type of person.