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As I drove to my friend’s house last night, I took advantage of a red light to put some lip balm on. As I tilted the rearview mirror back to its correct position I did a doubletake as I caught a glimpse of the man in the car behind me putting what looked like a giant white pacifier in his mouth.

It took me a second to realize that he was actually applying clown makeup, which he kept doing even as the light turned green and the traffic started moving again.

I don’t know if he was just on his way to an early Halloween party, an Oktoberfest celebration, or perhaps the clown gig is a regular job, but I’d love to see the description of the ticket he’d get if he got pulled over for not paying attention to the road as he drove.

Man was applying makeup as he ran red light …

I finally got all my pictures sorted and uploaded. Don’t worry, I thinned them out … a little.

The tales of my adventures and the pictures from the ports we stopped in are linked here.