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Just when you thought it was safe to be quasi-vegetarian, comes this report warning about high toxin levels in farmed salmon. (It seems that salmon are higher in the fish food chain, so they absorbs the toxins in the other fish they eat.)

I guess it could be worse: they could be eating mad cows.

At first I was convinced that I had gotten scammed, and that the pop machine had given me a fake quarter in amongst my change. In fact, even after careful deliberation among my co-workers, we still weren’t convinced that what we were holding was a real Canadian quarter. Because Canadian quarters, even special “Millenium” quarters, do not look like this.

Of course, it would have been cooler if I had gotten one of these. Not more believable, just cooler.

People often ask me, since I am almost vegetarian, whether I will give my children meat, or whether I will raise them as quasi-vegetarians from the start.*

And although I think I am quite a bit away from having ankle-biters of my own, these days I’m beginning to wonder whether I should be raising my cats as vegetarians.

*FYI, the answer is, unless my husband has stronger feelings than me, I wouldn’t force them to be vegetarians.

Nerve, that saucy magazine with the naughty pictures is looking for people to blog about their dating experiences.

This is Seasonal Duck, an admittedly tacky decoration that was purchased at a garage sale a while back for no more than a dollar or two at most. But although he is somewhat tacky (and shedding almost as much as my Christmas tree is these days) he remains a part of my apartment. As you may have guessed from the name, his outfit changes with the season. When I bought him, he came with a Christmas ribbon, pinecone and jingle bell, which he has again worn for this holiday season.

Until last night.

Last night, Seasonal Duck was gifted with a knitted hat, scarf and mittens.

I don’t know which is my favourite part of the outfit-the hat with its little ear flaps and tie down strings, or the mittens (even though Seasonal Duck has no hands, the outfit would not be complete without the mittens) with the dummy string used to keep kiddies from losing theirs.