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Some time around 3:00 yesterday I decided that this was the weekend of sloth. I’ve started and finished a book, watched almost an entire season of Buffy, gone outside a little, slept a lot, written a little, eaten a lot (it’s apparently also the weekend of gluttony).

If only I had a few more days off …

I thought it was just my alarm clock waking me up this morning, so I buried my head under a pillow to sleep just a little longer … until I realized that my alarm clock wouldn’t be set for 9:30 in the morning and certainly wouldn’t be set on a Saturday.

It turns out that the park area beside my apartment building is being used for a festival this morning and it comes complete with a bandstand and a Christian band. Which wouldn’t be that bad (9:30 is a reasonable time to wake up I suppose), except the singers can’t sing (the term “screech” comes to mind) and they have a wee bit of a feedback problem. And I can’t close my windows any tighter.

So I am actually being driven from my apartment by this festival. At least it looks like a nice day outside – I was planning to go out, just not quite this early, or before I’ve even had a chance to get breakfast.

I should have taken my mother up on her offer yesterday to have me and the cats come for the Easter weekend. Yesterday they were cutting branches off the trees between me and the park, today there is a “concert” in the park .. what will tomorrow bring??

Mental note to self: when you ask a friend to cat-sit for you for a few days, you should make sure he knows which apartment is yours.

On Monday morning, while preoccupied with other events, I tossed a Tim Horton’s
RRRoll up the Rim to Win
cup into my trash without even checking to see if it was a winner. Later that day I thought about it and reminded myself to get it out and check it when I got home. Over the course of the next few days, as we drove by countless Tim Horton’s franchises, I kept thinking “I must remember to check the cup when I get home” (The garbage had just been emptied that morning, so the cup was pretty much the only contents and was therefore a candidate for retrieval). Last night when I finally got home … I promptly forgot to fish out the cup. This morning … I forgot to check the cup. Tonight … I forgot about the cup until just after my hand let go of the garbage I was tossing into the trash. Thankfully it was just a plastic wrapper and the cup was spared a gory, icky death.

And I won a donut.1

1This brings my statistics up to 2 in 20. Slightly less than the 1 in 9 average.