What am I passionate about?

Hmm … well, it kinda depends on when you ask me.

Fifteen or so years ago I would have answered “U2”. I devoured every book, news article, and shred of even remotely related piece of information I could find on them, owned every studio album they put out, and collected all the singles I could lay my hands on (oh, those lovely years of 100% disposible income).

Nine years ago I would have answered “my stories”. After separating my stories onto their own site to give them their own voice, I self-published two volumes of the collected stories, and devoted an entire day each week to story writing (oh, those lovely years of making my own schedule).

Five years ago I would have said “snowboarding and kayaking”. I took the lessons, bought the gear, and spent evenings and weekends either on the slopes or on the waves. Even hitting my head (in both sports) did little to dampen my interest.

Now? Now, I’m most passionate about seemingly little things, like putting Abby in cloth diapers. There are other things that I love, like knitting and pugs (and knitting things for pugs), but I don’t know if I would say that I am necessarily “passionate” about them. But cloth diapers definitely fall into the “passionate” category for me. Even before we decided to have a child, I knew that I wanted to use cloth diapers. The more I read, the more determined I was. I never really even considered disposible diapers. Perhaps that’s why I don’t find cloth diapers to be the inconvenience that others suppose them to be.

Or perhaps it is just another instance of my “fierce independence” (a.k.a. “stubbornness”) showing through.