30.3.01 6:45 PM | time to switch  ]

No, I did not die.

No, I am not ignoring my friends and my blog.

I'm just on the losing end of the battle here with Rogers. Our internet is never up when I am home, and I've been too busy at work to blog.

And I wish I could say I have spent the time offline writing, but I haven't.

Lazy days.


29.3.01 10:45 AM | oopsie  ]

Note to Self:

Read blogs more carefully when you see someone has linked to your site with the comment "there really are a lot of awful web logs out there".

... *especially* when the comment was actually quite innocuous - "there really are an awful lot of web logs out there."


26.3.01 8:32 PM | yah baby!  ]

I just moved from a 14" monitor to a 19" monitor.

oh. my. god.

I feel like a kid again, I get dwarfed by the monitor. It's like when you are young and everything is taller than you and you can only barely see over the counter in stores. That's kind of what this feels like because all of a sudden I don't need to book underneath it to boost it up and in fact I have it tilted *down*. I also pulled a back muscle or two lugging it up the stairs yesterday. The thing weighs 57lbs - I looked it up - but, oh boy is it pretty!

And they said size doesn't matter!


25.3.01 8:05 PM | sweet dreams  ]

Sales are baaaad. Okay, I'm lying, sales are good. *Very* good.

I went to IKEA this afternoon looking for a $20 night table, and came back with an $800 queen sized bed (frame and mattress). Yes I was going to *look* at bed frames, but wasn't really expecting to make the purchase today. And originally I was only going to replace my double bed frame, but my mother talked me into getting the queen. It is longer after all. And the mattress - well, it was less than half price, and you just can't argue with that. No siree Bob.

I told you I don't do well with sales. :)


24.3.01 10:31 PM | two of a kind  ]

I feel complete. I now own a matching bra/panty set.

I was feeling inadaquate there for a while. I mean, I have nice underwear, and I have nice bras, but I did not have the elusive *matching set*. A little jaunt to La Senza yesterday fixed that right up. And I was gong to the mall for a totally different reason too. But then the sale signs started calling me and ... well ... I'm told every woman should have at least one set and now I can say I do.

hee hee, actually, *two* matching bra/panty sets to be precise (you never can have too many I hear).


23.3.01 6:52 PM | taken  ]

I knew there was something else I wanted to say about dating, I just couldn't remember what it was. And now I have remembered ...

We were having this discussion at work today about the "joys" of being single and being able to pick and choose who you want to date. I countered that this was not my experience at all - in fact, it is only when I am already dating someone that people start coming out of the woodworks expressing an interest in me. Maybe I'm normally blind to this, I don't know. Or maybe, as my friend put it last night, I just look happier and hence am more approachable. All I know is that it's much easier to pick up when I'm not trying to pick up. And understand, I am *not* trying to pick up. I picked my choose (or more precisely I suppose my choose picked me, but same difference). I just find the timing of it funny, that's all.

This isn't the first time it's happened to me either. And I know it isn't just me, other people have commented on the same thing. Someone suggested maybe it was the whole "want what you can't have" thing that is the draw, but since these people don't know me, I somehow doubt that is it.

Odd I tell ya. Very odd.

6:31 PM | mnky  ]

For the benefit of Steve and his obsession with monkeys: monkey love in Waterloo.

1:18 PM | so ... um .. ya know?  ]

Why is it that when you start dating someone, the first thing people want to know is their name? I can't see what kind of information you can glean from a person's name.

His name is Brad ? He sounds like a trouble maker.
His name is Rafi ? Ooo ... I don't think he's really your type.

Questions like what does he do or what is he like make much more sense to me. These are questions that are actually related to the person's personality and what about them might have attracted you in the first place.

a name tells you much more about the personality of the parents than about the person.

And since I'm already on the topic of dating ...

Here's a hint - if you are going to ask someone out, ask them out. Do not beat around the bush, do not speak in riddles, do not make vague hints about what you are talking about. All of this only confuses people, and it's hard to figure out what to do if the invite is not direct.

Flirting is one thing - it's okay to be a little mysterious at that point. In fact, I might even go as far as saying that flirting is all about the mystery. But confusing a person when you are asking them out just isn't the result you want. Brad has the right idea. Just enough mystery, but in the end he was direct.

Oh, and a side note, never ask someone out through e-mail. If you can't say it in person, you shouldn't be saying it at all. (With the exception of Brad, since he didn't know the woman mentioned in the link above. I make separate rules for Brad)


22.3.01 7:01 AM | squeak squeak *crash*  ]

It seems there has been a rash of beds breaking recently. I personally know of two beds that have "spontaneously" broken over the last 5 days, which sets a record in my books. The last time I remember a bed breaking was almost four years ago when one of the boards on my futon frame broke. And even then, the bed was still usable.

That's why I'm glad I sleep on the floor. Of course, these two people are sleeping on the floor now too :)


20.3.01 4:45 PM | make the pounding stop!!  ]

ugh. 6 hours in front of my computer doing my HR paper last night, a mere 6 hours sleep, and then another 8 hours in front of my computer at work today is doing very bad things to my eyes and head.


19.3.01 7:06 AM | roty  ]

Brad forgot "rookie of the year" in his descriptions of the game.


18.3.01 2:08 PM | hair of the dog  ]

Well, I survived the birthday celebrations with only a minor headache to show for it (and I pitcher from the Bomber, but that wasn't me).

And, for those who were wondering, 23 is the unstoppable age - "by being unstoppable we bite the bullets and get the unpleasant things out of the way, when opportunities come along we take them, we don't think of failures but of successes and how much of an awesome contribution we are going to be to the world".

I'm trying.


17.3.01 12:39 PM | smarch  ]

I really don't think it should be allowed to snow on my birthday.


16.3.01 6:17 PM | the jokes are just endless ...  ]

Upon my arrival home, I found another little birthday treat left for me by one of my roommates, along with a note which included the comment: "Please disregard its phallic nature."

His first glimpse at the gift, Rafi stated: "That case could be very useful".

5:59 PM | can you feel the love tonight  ]

My friends love me.

I wasn't really sure what to expect when I got a call from reception saying there was something "special" waiting for me. But it was a lovely surprise to see this *huge* flower bouquet sitting on the counter.

The flowers sparked quite an interest in my co-workers. "Oooh! Who'd you get *those* from? Got a secret admirer?". "No. My friends just love me." "I wish I had friends like that!"

Luckily I don't have to wish. :)

7:05 AM | maybe it was the DEA  ]

Interesting search term this morning: "opium vacation 2000". okaay.

6:55 AM | Phew!  ]

Seems the scale and I are back on friendly terms. I decided to risk another jaunt on the scale yesterday at the gym and my weight was back to normal. So I don't know what its problem was on tuesday, but I guess it has forgiven me. Perhaps it was because I had been neglecting it for the previous two weeks - too busy to go to the gym.

And on an only somewhat related note, what is it with people who put makeup on before working out?!? Does this make sense to anyone? True, Goodlife is a co-ed gym, but the gym I belonged to previously was women only, and I *still* saw makeup being applied right before a person walked into some "sweat 'til ya drop" aerobics class. Maybe they were trying to pick up women, I cannot say. Either way, you're going to be sweaty, red-faced and generally out of breath, so I can't imagine that is the prime time for meeting people. Although I guess they would get a pretty good sense of what you look like in bed.


13.3.01 10:04 PM | 920 for those who want the math  ]

6 beers
341ml per beer
45 calories per 100ml
a hell of a lot of calories

I think I have to cut back on the beer consumption just a little bit. I stepped on the scale at the gym this afternoon to learn that not only was I *not* losing weight, I actually gained 7 pounds since the last time I weighed myself!

Not good. Not good at all. And I don't think I can fake the whole "muscle weighs more than fat" thing.

6:55 AM | stupid bet  ]

Yes, I had a few beers last night. Yes, 6:30 came very early this morning. Yes, that'll learn me.


12.3.01 7:11 PM | halfway there  ]

Aparently I work best under pressure. Or I only work under pressure. One or 'tother, because with a little more than a week left to finish my 2500 word report for Human Resources, I only have 1125 words done and those were written all on Saturday.

And my plans to work on it tonight were sidetracked by beer.


Just gearing up for saturday.


10.3.01 7:10 PM | up in smoke  ]


What's the politest way to ask your roommate if he is smoking in his room, and if so would he not? I mean, I know I've been told I have a really sensitive nose, but given the fact that his room is downstairs and mine is upstairs, the smell still manages to travel through the hallways and up the staircase and assault my head as I sit at my computer ...

And we ain't talking 'bout no pansy cigarettes here. Cigars baby. Ci-gars.

Poor Rafi, who actually has to live beside him.


9.3.01 8:16 AM | inneresting  ]

Yesterday, we here at the crackhouse were in a unique position: we could send and receive email and ICQ messages, but could not use the Internet. You would think the two would go hand-in-hand, wouldn't you?

Today, all of that is gone. No email. No ICQ. No 'net. Sure, I'll be spending the day at work, so right now that is all pretty inconsequential. But the weekend is coming, and I really don't think I want to be traipsing to work to check my email or catch up with my favourite sites. And I've already mentioned the problems with using school computers for these purposes.

Bell Internet is looking better and better these days.


7.3.01 9:35 PM | teepee  ]

Why is it that for six months I managed to avoid bumping my head on my walls/ceiling where it slopes, but over the last three days I have hit my head five times?

As you can see from the picture, the slope is quite severe, and starts only about 4 feet off the ground. That's my bed there on the floor- really just a mattress with no base. I sit on the floor to type at my computer. I cannot stand even close to upright except in the very centre where the two slopes meet.

Only 44 more bumps to go.


5.3.01 5:51 PM | 404  ]

An interesting take on the 404 error page. I warn you, it takes a while to get through the whole thing.


4.3.01 5:40 PM | meow  ]

ha ha! No sooner did I lament the fact I was going to be cat-less for a little longer when I heard the little mewlings from below.

Seems we now have a cat for the next two months. Right now it's hiding under someone's bed, so I can't really tell if it is overly friendly yet. Or if it will quell, at least in part, my yearnings for a cat of my own. I somehow think it will actually achieve the opposite effect and serve only to reinforce the notion in my mind.

But I guess it'll do for the moment ...

11:50 AM | game over  ]

So, after a few hours of househunting yesterday, Brad and I now have a place to live for the summer. It's a nice little one bedroom/one livingroom apartment close to the university and other amenities (like our friends). The only drawback is that unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to get my cat :(

But Brad promised he'll try and be the best darned substitute cat ever ...


3.3.01 7:45 AM | moving day!  ]

If you logged on sometime in the past 24 hours and saw this:

(or even worse, the dreaded "404 page not found" error)

don't worry, I was probably just as confused as you were.

Dreamhost has been migrating their customers to a new server for about the last six months and it seems my turn finally arrived.

They sent an email telling me all the things I would have to check to ensure my account was transferred smoothly:

check to see if I ftp directly to my site, or to the actual server name. check to see if I get my mail directly from my site or through a .forward file.

Actually I wasn't sure if I was using a forward file or not. I know my mail always ends up in my mailbox, but I wasn't really sure of the route it takes to get there.

hee hee. Oops. Aparently I had my mail set up so any email is sent to my main account and copied to my dreamhost account. And I was only picking up the email sent to my main account. All is fixed and I now have 131 messages sitting in my inbox, dating all the way back to when I first got mayhaps.com. I guess spring cleaning came a little early this year.