30.6.02 8:36 AM | two different sets of eyes ]

If you were waiting for a pair of eyes for transplant into your body, would you want to know that they arrived in the luggage cargo area of a greyhound bus, or that they sat on a crowded bus platform for ten minutes unattended.

I wonder how much a set of human eyes would go for on the black market?


27.6.02 9:24 PM | lesson learned ]


26.6.02 7:12 PM | too bad ]

It's a shame that there's such a beautiful rainstorm outside and I have no-one to play in it with me.

It's warm rain too.


25.6.02 8:12 AM | WP&YR ]

I finally got around to submitting one of my Alaska pictures to the Mirror Project although it turned out a little grainier than I thought it would. I'll have to work on that for my next submission. :)


23.6.02 7:00 PM | and so it begins ]

I thought that watching one of my best friends get married this weekend would be a strange thing for me. Especially since I was asked to stand beside her as her Maid of Honour while she made her vows.

But it wasn't weird or strange. It seemed normal. Maybe it is because they've been together for almost five years now so it just seemed like an extension of their relationship. Maybe it's because I can see how much they love each other. Maybe it's because I know that I am not 'losing' a friend, but rather gaining another. I don't know.

What I do know is that I wish Carole and Lorne all the happiness in the world.

Congratulations Carole and Lorne!

Carole and Lorne

My speech to Carole.


20.6.02 9:15 AM | I'm not that lazy ]

I live less than three minutes from work. If I walk really fast, I could probably make it in two. So it felt funny to literally drive around the corner this morning to go to work, but since I am leaving for Mississauga directly from work, it wouldn't really make sense to walk back to my place to get the car.

Plus, at least I got to listen to music for my thirty second drive.


17.6.02 9:44 AM | neat freak ghost? ]

For some reason, when I turned on my computer at work this morning I got a reminder to clean my apartment. I never set a reminder, nor can I find it in now my calendar when I look ... but this morning, someone wanted me to clean my apartment.


16.6.02 8:58 PM | do they *eat* them?? ]

I really have to figure out where my kittens hide the things they thief from me. Three feet for a chair just don't cut it.

9:43 AM | cannot be done ]

No matter how short on time you are, or how late you are running, you just can't eat a peanut butter sandwich in the shower.

9:27 AM | tasty ]

The birdfeeder below my apartment is quite nice. Usually I see only morning doves, ducks and squirrels but this morning I saw a cardinal at it. All the enjoyment, none of the responsibility. And although they are a little loud at five in the morning it's still better to wake up to the sound of birds than people yelling up the stairs in the apartment next door because they are too lazy to walk the distance.

My cats are quite pleased with its placement too. I am still a little concerned that they might get excited by a bird flying by and fall off the balcony trying to catch it.


14.6.02 7:37 PM | destiny ]

I finally accepted the fact that my card fob was gone and wasn't coming back and asked for a new one. Figuring I had nothing to lose (oops) I requested a key ring fob.

And I got it. :)

Now people *really* aren't going to believe it was an accident.


13.6.02 8:45 AM | eewww ]

Lime yogurt - Actually quite tasty. Vanilla yogurt - never again.


12.6.02 1:36 PM | coincidence ]

When I started full-time at my company I got a card-shaped fob instead of the little key ring fob I had previously. Preferring the other fobs, I joked about "accidentally" losing the card-shaped fob so I could see if I could get a key ring fob.

Hee hee. Oops.

After only a month on the job, I have managed to lose the card-shaped fob. Really. But with all the joking, I'm not sure people actually believe it was an accident.

2:01 AM | a thousand words ]

I think if there was one thing I wish I could do it would be to be able to paint or take really good photographs.

Words are nice and all, but an image ... an image really speaks to you ...

1:34 AM | perfect score ]

I was on a writing roll on Monday which was (pleasantly) interrupted, so I thought since I couldn't sleep tonight anyway I might as well finish up perfect score.


11.6.02 12:47 PM | Poor Priscilla ]

Things are not boding well for the starfish in our fishtank at work. Usually I play a game of findthestarfish whenever I go to get water throughout the day, since it is usually a fairly active little thing, crawling over the rocks in the tank. But this morning it was laying on the floor, and has not moved since I came in at 8:30. More worrisome is that it has a small chunk missing from between two of its little arms. It doesn't look serious enough to be a fatal wound, but then really, what do I know about starfish anatomy?

I don't want to have to start playing findtheshrimp because really ... that's no fun at all.


9.6.02 10:29 PM | things that go bump in the night ]

Two people do not fit in a single bed, no matter what anyone tells me. Someone always ends up on the floor.


7.6.02 4:44 PM | documenter extraordinaire ]

I got my business cards at work today. I guess that means I'm all growed up.

3:32 PM | busy busy week ]

This is tracy's normal week of meetings:

This is tracy's week of meetings on drugs:

And I actually had to deny a meeting request because I was too busy! Well, to tell the truth, it felt *really* good to send off that no :)

2:50 PM | but I could be wrong ]

I've been thinking lately that it might not be such a good idea to keep my pass card in my wallet. I assume it works magnetically somehow and I'm thinking that it and my credits cards might not get along too well over the long run.


3.6.02 4:20 PM | 'scuse me ]

For some reason the photocopier is intent on trying to copy four pages at once even though every time it tries it burps them back up at me.

On another note, I'm actually excited about going home tonight and hanging shelves. No longer will my CDs and DVDs sit in neat little piles around my living room. Instead they'll sit in neat little piles on shelves in my living room. Now that's progress for ya!