25.2.03 1:31 PM | catsup ]

We had an interesting discussion around lunch today in which we came to the conclusion that Ketchup is the edible duct tape.

You can do or make anything with duct tape - wallets, furniture, clothes - you name it, you can make it. It even comes in fourteen wonderful colours and patterns for all your duct taping needs. In fact, just about the only thing you can't do with dust tape is eat it.

And there's where the ketchup comes in.

Now, while you can't necessarily *make* anything with ketchup, you can (according to some people at least) put ketchup on anything. And it also comes in several wonderful colours as well.

Ketchup. The edible duct tape. Now *that's* a marketing slogan!


22.2.03 10:28 PM | meandering thoughts ]

The deep dark secret behind my recent online disappearance is not so deep or dark or really a secret: I've been putting in longer hours at work, to try and keep afloat of the rush of software releases this quarter and to keep my mind occupied so it doesn't drift back to the fact that I am now single again and it's a bit more of a mental shift than I expected.

At first it was a comfort to be able to go into work when no-one was around and just *do something*. My boss put up with my extended hours for the first little bit before finally putting her foot down and offloading some of my work, which turned out to be more of a relief than I thought. It also turned out to be very good timing: this week had been filled with adventures with friends instead of hours of edits and issues. Nothing too crazy, just good times. The craziness I am saving for a few weeks from now when I turn a quarter of a century old. Yup. The big two-five. Two. Five. And soon we will know what the age of twenty-five* is.

*Every year my friend Terry sets a theme or goal for the year. Twenty-four was the 'age of individuality'. I think for the most part I've managed to live up to the goals of the year, but I cant' wait to see what twenty-five brings! :)


18.2.03 3:50 PM | sfdodcf ]

If you've ever donated blood, I'm sure you've at one time or another seen the person who goes into the nurse's station to answer the questionaire and who comes out and walks away without donating. And if you've ever donated blood, you know what kind of questions you have to answer on that questionaire:

So basically, knowing what is on the questionaire, and knowing that the person who walks out and does not donate has essentially "failed" the questionaire, you pretty much conclude the worst and think the person is a sex-fiend-drugged-out-disease-carrying freak.

Let me tell you, it's not so fun being on the other side. And to top it all off, the blood donor clinic was at my workplace, which means that I am now a sex-fiend-drugged-out-disease-carrying freak at work.

Believe it or not, I've actually been on the recieving end more than once, and every single time I feel like I am a freak. The first time it was because I had been vaccinated for the measles less than six months earlier. This time they even had a list of questions, before I signed in, to help weed out the undesireables, and yet I managed to sneak by and get rejected, all because of my happy little trip to Mexico in October. Aparently, unless you visit only the cheesy tourist traps, you are automatically in a "high risk" situation for malaria and are automatically barred from donating blood for six months. Even after six months, they only use part of your blood. Only after a year are you considered "risk-free" (at least for malaria).

Now I'm not saying that Canadian Blood Services should be less lenient and let me through with my malaria-tainted blood. Heavens no. I'm just saying that perhaps they should be a little more upfront about some of the questions so us freaks can avoid the stigma of being ... freaks.

Especially at work.


15.2.03 11:09 AM | bleh ]

Burnt plastic. That's what the nasty-ass smell I've been inhaling for the last 40 minutes is. Burnt plastic.

10:38 AM | back from the dead ]

Damn. It has been a while since I blogged last.

Chalk it up to life, love, work, or any or all of the above. My current blog is courtesy of a build that won't run successfully but that takes 30 minutes to tell me so.

There's some nasty-ass smelling smoke coming from our salt water tank here at work, so I fear that perhaps we may not have it much longer. Sometime over the night or this morning it appears there was a water leak, which lead to a shortage of the equipment (or perhaps the shortage somehow lead to the leak). All I know is there's an odor in the air and water all over the carpet and a lot of worried people here at work on a saturday. Me, I'm just trying to get my build to run so I can go home again.

Good thing there's Valentine's chocolates here to keep me hopped up on sugar. Who needs coffee when you have a bowl full of Hersey's Hugs.