31.3.02 9:28 PM | Olympus C-3020Z ]

New toys are fun. :)


30.3.02 8:23 AM | cross your fingers ]

Good news to come (I think) in the next few days. Don't want to jinx it by saying much yet.

8:19 AM | Get Fuzzy ]

Hee hee.

Just so you know, it is my plan to get as many people hooked on Get Fuzzy as I can. So far I have five converts. Make me proud.

(p.s. I dislike the way they switch the Saturday and Sunday comics online. Just had to say it.)


29.3.02 6:53 PM | Monsters Ball ]

After eating half a bag of popcorn and coming out even hungrier than when I went in, I am now almost convinced about my previous theory that movie theatres put something in the food to make you buy more from the concession stands.

Also, it's almost April now - I think it's about time they stopped mixing Christmas songs into the list of piped in music they play before the movie begins.


27.3.02 5:25 PM | woohoo! ]

Things to do before the end of April:

One down, one to go.

Yes, I am *finally* gainfully employed. I think it's more of a relief than anything - after four months of promises, my patience was wearing a little thin there. I was just stopping by since I was in the neighbourhood (and got a virtual scolding for not stopping by yesterday when I was in the neighbourhood looking for an apartment) and lo and behold, there was my offer just waiting for me. Well, almost waiting for me; I actually had to hang around for fifteen minutes or so while it was being done up. But it was worth it, and now I can honestly answer "Yes" when people ask me if I have a job yet, rather than giving them the vague "Everything but the paperwork" response I've been doling out so far.

Getting the apartment may be a little trickier ... ;)

4:45 PM | too much fun ]

Why does it seem that the coolest toys always come out after you are too old to enjoy them? Like those little motorized cars, which I'd be much too big to fit into now. Although it is about in my price range for a car ... or Screamin Serpent Roller Coaster (it's as big as the kid! And it has little screaming passengers!! with sound!!!)

And yet, there are some things you can enjoy no matter what your age: etch-a-sketch, little robots, bouncing tigger, any kind of video game ... and bubbles. And, with new advances in science, you can now enjoy your bubbles even longer - days even.

p.s. Toys 'R Us has a "grownups" section :)


25.3.02 10:17 PM | individuality ]

I'm actually getting very excited about finding a place of my own. I don't know if it's just because I'm finally finding places that actually pick up the phone/phone me back when I leave a message or because I'm finding places that I can take my cats without feeling like a criminal.

I think I'm even more excited about picking up the new kitten than I am about the job or the apartment. Even Logan seems excited - she's been jumping around the apartment like a maniac for the last few days. Oh, Did I tell you I was getting a new kitten? No? Hmm, well, guess what, I'm getting a new kitten! I thought since Logan had such fun playing with the kittens at home and since I'll be working all day, she might enjoy a playmate. And if I'm going to become a crazy cat lady, I might as well get a head start. :)

I'm also excited about getting a digital camera, courtesy partly of my mother as a "surprise" birthday gift (a surprise only because I thought I knew what she was getting for me but she altered her decision once she found out I lost my camera.)

8:48 AM | patience is sometimes a foreign concept ]

I'm waaaiting ... and I'm trying to be ever-so-patient, but I am having a little trouble.

You see, after four months of telling me "we want to hire you, we really want to hire you" I've been told that it should all be falling into place today and as of soon, I will *officially* have a job. Unfortunately, since today is my busy day, things won't probably be finalized until tomorrow.

See what I mean about patience? Sure, I could wait four months but a day? A day is hard.


24.3.02 9:44 PM | like mother like daughter ]

I never thought I looked that much like my mother - despite the numerous people who attested to the fact that I did - until I got the picture we posed for at the Grad Ball last weekend. There, staring back at me, are my mother's cheeks, no doubt about it. The photographer made me laugh so I have this huge grin on my face, making my eyes all squinty, and these very round cheeks that I could have gotten from no-one but my mother. My brother is the spitting image of my father, but I never really saw the similarity between my mother and I.

I hope I got my mother's skin too. She has good skin.

1:53 PM | twenty-four ]

Well, even though I had to wait almost a week after my birthday, I can say it was worth the wait: 24 is the 'age of individuality'.

"Everything you do from now on reflects what you want and who you are, so take the time to participate in life. Don't live the typical life, paint your world with the colours of you and live like the person you want to be.
And don't forget to love yourself."

Can you see why I love my friends?


22.3.02 8:52 PM | The Lima Beans go on Top ]

Given the choice between doing an assignment, or finishing up a story, I think you can guess which won.

You might understand the title for The Lima Beans go on Top once you read the story. Then again, it may not be as obvious as I think. I like it regardless.


19.3.02 10:17 PM | better now ]

It's nice to have friends who understand you well enough to just let you be upset now and ask questions later.

'Cuz sometimes, you just have to get these things out of your system and talking while you are upset just leads to hyperventilating, which can actually physically hurt.


18.3.02 10:31 PM | happy b-day to me ]

Thanks to all the wonderful people who sent me birthday good wishes!! I had a wonderful day, got sufficiently tipsy despite my earlier reluctance to head out to a bar on St. Paddy's Day, and overall enjoyed myself. And since there are so many March birthdays among my friends, the fun continues next weekend as well. Can it get any better than that?!?


17.3.02 4:27 PM | Grad Ball ]

So I got myself all prettied up last night for the Grad Ball, which was loads of fun except for the undercooked pastry that they served as the vegetarian meal and the overpriced drink tickets. Ah well, that just means I'll have more room for drinking tonight :) I'll post a picture or two of the Grad Ball when I get them. Of course they won't be coming from my camera since ...

.. the only real downside to the Grad Ball was that it appears I lost my camera sometime between leaving our house and taking pictures before dinner. Sure, now I can get a digital camera instead without feeling *too* guilty, but I had almost finished the whole roll on the camera and it's a shame to have lost all those pictures. Of course, most of them were of the kitten, but there were a few stretching back to just before Christmas that I would have liked to have had.

Happy Birthday to me.


14.3.02 8:38 PM | sticky situation ]

What is it about peanut butter that makes it stick to the top of your mouth and refuse to relinquish its hold?

12:35 AM | uh huh ]

It's somewhat strange what you can get addicted to: things, places, even people. The weird thing is, you don't even realize it until you are in deep and then all of a sudden you find yourself thinking about it twenty-four hours out of the day and you don't know when it started you just know that you can't imagine not having it in your life and that scares you to a certain degree but it's a good scared, in that it makes you oh-so-happy at the same time.

Don't mind me. I'm only slightly buzzed. Not buzzed enough to be making things up, just buzzed enough to make vague references to things I'm finding I miss when I don't have them :)


12.3.02 9:58 PM | timing is everything ]

It's a little disconcerting that, with only three weeks of school left, I am finally getting motivated to do my work more than a day or so in advance. I suppose I should be happy that this motivation has appeared at all, even if it is at this late date. :)

If I can only keep it up for finals ...


11.3.02 9:57 PM | let the drinking begin!! ]

It seems that people are very excited about celebrating my birthday. I'd even go as far as to say they are more excited than me in fact. This can easily be explained as the result of two factors:

me: I'm not much of a big celebrator. If someone forgets to wish me a happy birthday, it's not really a big deal, because I know my friends and family care. (I do still like to hear it though)
them: my birthday just happens to fall on what is probably the second biggest drinking day - St. Paddy's day - so everyone wants to get blitzed and my birthday is a convenient excuse to celebrate :)

Don't get me wrong, I do like to celebrate my birthday. And I think if it was on any day other than St. Paddy's Day (or New Years, since that's probably the *biggest* drinking day) I would be the first in line at the bar. But it's really not that much fun celebrating my birthday by standing in line for two or three hours to get into a bar where you can't move more than about an inch in any direction. I want to be relaxed and have fun on my birthday and crowds like that just don't make me relaxed.

So I've kind of half-decided to move the birthday celebrations by a few days, just so the bar crowds get back to normal and the waitresses become available again. I'll still probably make my way to a bar at some point on the actual day, just for a little bit, if only to partake in some green beer :)


10.3.02 11:55 PM | Black and White ]

I told myself that if I read for my midterm all afternoon, I could write tonight. Black and White is the result of my little deal.


8.3.02 3:53 PM | swedish for ... ]

Hee hee. I was momentarily jealous because someone got an IKEA catalogue in the mail, only to realize that it was *me* who got the catalogue!

Yes, sometimes I am easily amused. And obviously very forgetful.

1:41 PM | what would you call her then?? ]

I don't often post news stories here, but WTF??

"A woman accused of hitting a homeless man with her car, driving home with him lodged in her broken windshield and ignoring his pleas as he bled to death in her garage is not the monster being portrayed by prosecutors, her attorney says..."

Sometimes we live in a scary, scary world.


7.3.02 6:37 PM | twenty-something ]

I've determined that I don't really want to be twenty-four. I like twenty-three. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against twenty-four. I just like twenty-three. For the most part, it's been very very good to me. So can I just skip this birthday? Please? I promise it won't happen again.

Although I am curious to see what this year will be ...

6:29 PM | yawning leads to sleeping ]

Two observations from my computer science class yesterday:

  1. Looking at the clock has a similar effect as yawning - one person looks and everyone within range is compelled to follow suit, whether they mean to or not.
  2. Does the prof not wonder why he has chalk all over the back of his shirt at the end of the day? And how does it get there exactly?


6.3.02 2:16 PM | ladybird ]

If having ladybugs around is considered good luck, then is losing a ladybug pendant considered bad luck?

I honestly think the kitten filched the necklace off my nightstand and carried it off to some corner, but it's been missing for several weeks now and so far I have been unsuccessful in tracking it down. The kitten is of course remaining mum on the subject.

It's not even that it was worth that much (I don't think) but I've had it since I was a wee little baby so the sentimental value is *huge*.


4.3.02 10:49 PM | baby geniuses ]

It's funny how profs can forget the age difference between themselves and their students. The current conversation of the moment happened in my business class at the start of the term. Tonight, the prof asked us if any of us had followed the election coverage in 1984. Again, the class broke out in laughter since we would have only been about six or so at the time and would have had about as much interest in the election as we could fit in the tip of our baby finger.

Actually, if you think about it, it's almost flattering in a way that they think of us as peers.

10:33 PM | what can BROWN do for you? ]

Does anyone else find it odd that UPS now refers to itself as "BROWN"?

5:49 PM | such a tiny question ]

We had to fill in our intent to graduate form by last friday and for some reason I got stumped on one little question on it: "If you do not meet the requirements for the degree requested above [in my case, Bachelor of Mathematics, Business Administration, Honours], will you accept a degree for which you have met the requirements?" All I had to do was check Yes or No. Yes or No. It was such a tiny little checkbox, but it still wasn't easy to choose. Yes, I want out of this school. Yes, there is that little voice in the back of my mind that is afraid I may not pass CS or C&O. No, I really don't really want to come back in the summer if I happen to not pass one of my courses.

But I also spent five years going for that honours degree. And I haven't failed a single course yet (in theory I think I failed stats last term, but the little piece of paper says I passed it and that's all that really counts in the end.)

Yes or No.

After much deliberation, I checked No. I want my Honours degree. And I figure I can always change my mind and gradutate in the fall if it comes down to that.


3.3.02 9:18 PM | sometimes too many to count ]

Inquiring minds want to know: do you get mystery bruises?

I have bruises. I know where the one on my right knee came from (friday - slipped on ice going down the stairs and hit the door) but there's two on my left foot, *several* on each of my shins, and one under the left knee that do not have explainations that I know of. And, so as not to feel left out, my left arm has acquired a bruise of its very own as well.

I know I bruise fairly easily but this is getting ridiculous.


1.3.02 1:10 AM | Life is but a Dream ]

Life is but a Dream is a little bit of a strange one.