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Reflections of a night out with the girls:

Hoochie girls
Drummer boy
Ringing ears
Sweaty clothes
Sore feet
Sweet Caroline Bah Bah Bah
Far too long since I have danced

It is amusing the reactions one has to learning good news:

I found myself skipping on my way home tonight, I splashed in some puddles, I called a friend, i called my mother, I danced around my apartment, I knocked my cats’ water dish while dancing and splashed water all over my feet but I kept dancing. If I had chocolate in my apartment, I would have had chocolate.

Now, I am going to put on makeup, doll myself up in some prettier clothes and I am going to go out and celebrate.

*It’s actually been a good week. I can’t really complain.

While I appreciate what the people at Respect are trying to do, showing us the faces behind the cameras, I think that their efforts and the money they spend on their theatrical ads might be somewhat misguided … after all, as one of the people who spent thirteen bucks to see the frickin’ movie in the theatre, I don’t think I need to be told not to download movies for free.

Happy Birthday Emily!!

May you find Twenty-Five, Part II as exciting as twenty-five.

Yes, twenty-six is going to be a good year.

On veggie “meat”
I discovered veggie meatballs this weekend, and *my* aren’t they tasty! Veggie ground beef has been a regular contributor to my meals for a while now, and I can now add the neatballs (yes, that’s what they are called) to my rotation, but they still don’t have bacon quite up to my standards. When I can get a crispy slice of veggie bacon, then I will be in heaven.

On St. Patrick’s Day
I know St. Paddy’s is not yet a national holiday, but can we at least get some recognition from the pillsbury people that it deserves its own cookies? They have cookies for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s day, Easter … how hard is it to make a cookie with a shamrock in the middle?

On Canada getting it’s own little island in the sun
Today I learned that a Canadian MP is trying to get Canada to annex the Turks and Caicos islands. I can deal with that.

On turning twenty-six
I’m okay with it. It doesn’t roll off the tongue the way two-five did, but really, once I passed twenty, birthdays have just kind of been adding up without much hoopla. Thirty may bring about different emotions, but I still have four years to adjust to that sucker.

And yes, I am pretty proud of my converts. But I lost track of their numbers quite a while ago – I ran out of fingers and toes to count them on 😉

P.S. I made my goal!

While going through all my stories lately, it made me sad to realize that I have not been writing as much lately. Sure, I could blame it on work, or winter, but is that really an excuse?

So I’ve dragged my ass over to my computer and starting finishing all those stories that are sitting in a partially finished state. The first is Perchance to Sleep.

For some reason, this really really amuses me: the Pick3 lottery winning numbers for today are …

What do you wanna bet some punk-ass kid picked those numbers just for fun?

Update: 349 people picked those numbers. That’s alot of punk-ass kids.

It’s not really a good thing when the only thing holding up a shelf of stuff .. is the stuff.

In an effort to actually use all the space I pay for (i.e. no longer use my “spare” bedroom as a dumping ground for all things that don’t belong somewhere else) I started by reorganizing the closet so I could get more stuff in it and off of the various surfaces of the room.

Except no sooner did I take all the things1 off the shelf when the shelf support nicely lifted away from the wall, taking the shelf and clothes bar with it and leaving me awkwardly holding onto it all so my downstairs neighbour wouldn’t think I had died under an avalanche.2

1When I say “all the things” I really mean a desk fan, three small boxes and a rubbermaid container of fabric odds and ends. So really, all that stuff was not all that much. And certainly should not have caused the downfall of the shelf.

2When I first moved in, I was setting up a shelving unit only to have it fall down, breaking one of the shelves and causing quite a ruckus. In the midst of cleaning all of the this up and cursing my luck, I heard a bang on my balcony and a small voice drift up “Are you all right up there?” Poor man. My crash scared him. Ever since then, whenever I or my cats knock something over, I think of this old man. And of how he must be cursing me now, thinking how much quieter his life would be if I *hadn’t* been all right on that hot summer day.

My cats knock over alot of things.

I finally set up remote access at work so that I can dial in from my computer at home and work remotely every once in a while. And despite my initial hurdles at actually making that first connection (another instance where they didn’t take into account that not everyone owns a PC so I had to figure out how to actually connect by myself) it all seems to work perfectly.

But of course when I am connected remotely, my Mac actually thinks it is a PC. No, it doesn’t crash constantly 😉 but it does require that I use PC shortcuts. Which is interesting, to say the least. I normally have no trouble switching between the PC world and the Mac world because for me they are two separate things and my brain just switches over: work (desktop) = PC, home (laptop) = Mac. But now it is home (laptop, remote access) = PC, which just doesn’t quite compute in my brain and I keep trying to work as if I am on a Mac. Which really, I am, but a Mac that thinks it is a PC. It’s all very … well, it just means I have to do a calculated translation in my head to remember to use PC shortcuts instead of Mac ones, which I can do, it just takes me a little longer than normal.

Still haven’t figured out how to use a one-button mouse/trackpad in a two-button PC world though.