I finally set up remote access at work so that I can dial in from my computer at home and work remotely every once in a while. And despite my initial hurdles at actually making that first connection (another instance where they didn’t take into account that not everyone owns a PC so I had to figure out how to actually connect by myself) it all seems to work perfectly.

But of course when I am connected remotely, my Mac actually thinks it is a PC. No, it doesn’t crash constantly 😉 but it does require that I use PC shortcuts. Which is interesting, to say the least. I normally have no trouble switching between the PC world and the Mac world because for me they are two separate things and my brain just switches over: work (desktop) = PC, home (laptop) = Mac. But now it is home (laptop, remote access) = PC, which just doesn’t quite compute in my brain and I keep trying to work as if I am on a Mac. Which really, I am, but a Mac that thinks it is a PC. It’s all very … well, it just means I have to do a calculated translation in my head to remember to use PC shortcuts instead of Mac ones, which I can do, it just takes me a little longer than normal.

Still haven’t figured out how to use a one-button mouse/trackpad in a two-button PC world though.