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Did you want to cuddle?

<big sigh>

I take it that means that you don’t want to cuddle?

No, the size of my sigh was not inversely proportional to my desire to cuddle.


.. *not* inversely proportional.


It was just a sigh.


Shouldn’t it be inversely proportional? A sigh is bad, so cuddling should be good.

Yes, but I referred to the *size* of the sigh being not inversely proportional to my desire to cuddle. So a big sigh does not mean that I have a low desire to cuddle.




We shouldn’t discuss these things when we’re tired.




So did you want to cuddle?

So, you’re too warm.

You don’t mind cuddling with Paco and he’s like a little furnace!

Yes, but he’s an arm-sized little furnace. You are a complete body furnace.

I can’t believe I’ve been replaced.

You haven’t been replaced. You’ve just been usurped.

That’s no better.

Sure it is. It sounds nicer.


Previously (A face only a mother could love?)

This is before Paco knew how to get off the couch. He just sat there with this sad, sad face until we moved close enough that he could use us as a stool.

Now that he knows how to get off of the couch by himself, he reserves this face for when we won’t give him something that he wants.


Previously (a whirlwind affair)