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Pugs are known for their sad faces. Put a cone on a pug and, well, you get this:

Poor sad pug. Paco’s eye surgery went well though, so although he is sad now, hopefully once his eye heals he will be less sad. And to help him heal, he has a new routine of eye drops and pills.

That’s a fair number of drugs for a little boy (there are actually two different forms of prednisone there – one pill, one drops). The schedule is fairly simple though – one pill twice a day, two pills once a day. One bottle of eye drops is just for the next few days, to be given as often as we see fit to keep his eye lubricated. The other two eye drops have to be given every six hours, but who needs sleep, right? Should help prepare me for when the baby comes, yes?

And then there is the cone. The cone stays on for at least two weeks, perhaps as long as six. He is good with the pills (because he gets cheese with them) and for the most part accepts the eye drops, but the cone has taken a bit of getting use to. After a few hours he has successfully figured out how to get on and off the couch, but we’re still carrying him up and down the stairs as we’re afraid he’ll get halfway down and take a tumble. He still hasn’t quite realized how big it is, and keeps bumping into walls, doors, Honey, the back of my legs ….

As someone who bruises easily, I hope that he adjusts soon.


You know those pricky weeds, the ones that bite you, even if you are wearing gardening gloves, and then your finger tingles for a while after, as if you had been stung by a bee? Well, if you look just behind Paco in this picture, you’ll see one that is almost six feet tall.

I’ve been meaning to take a picture of this weed for the last few weeks, but kept forgetting to take the camera with me on our our six a.m. walks (and I’m not really bold enough to just saunter down the street in the middle of the day to take a picture of a weed in front of a stranger’s house – that might be weird). Plus, I also needed something to use as context beside the weed so that you could grasp how large this sucker really is. Although as you can see from the picture, even Paco didn’t want to sit that close to it, despite me trying to bribe him with the promise of treats.

Actually, I was a little afraid that they would cut it down before I got the chance to take a picture of it. I know that it’s a student house and all, but a six foot tall weed is a little hard to miss, don’t you think?