You know those pricky weeds, the ones that bite you, even if you are wearing gardening gloves, and then your finger tingles for a while after, as if you had been stung by a bee? Well, if you look just behind Paco in this picture, you’ll see one that is almost six feet tall.

I’ve been meaning to take a picture of this weed for the last few weeks, but kept forgetting to take the camera with me on our our six a.m. walks (and I’m not really bold enough to just saunter down the street in the middle of the day to take a picture of a weed in front of a stranger’s house – that might be weird). Plus, I also needed something to use as context beside the weed so that you could grasp how large this sucker really is. Although as you can see from the picture, even Paco didn’t want to sit that close to it, despite me trying to bribe him with the promise of treats.

Actually, I was a little afraid that they would cut it down before I got the chance to take a picture of it. I know that it’s a student house and all, but a six foot tall weed is a little hard to miss, don’t you think?