Being the mature, twenty-something young adults that we are, my friends and I decided to get together for a nice dinner on friday night.

At Chuck. E. Cheese.

First: Never go to a “kids” restaurant on a friday night. Entirely too many children hogging all the fun games like Skee Ball and the little basketball game. The number of knee-biters far exceeded the recommended dose.

Second: Chuck E. Cheese is like a casino for kids. No, I take that back, it is a casino for kids. With the number of bells, whistles and flashing lights that accosted our eyes as we walked through the doors, it’s a wonder we weren’t blinded. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that CEC has their paws deep in the casinos of Vegas. They are training them so young, they would want a piece of the real action.

It’s the perfect scam. Cigarette companies aren’t allowed to market to children because, well, it’s illegal, but also because kiddies have such imprssionable little minds. But Chuck E. Cheese? It’s “all in good fun”. At least until your child has hocked his G.I. Joes and is sitting on the couch, deaf and blinded by the lure of the tickets and the crunching sound the computerized ticket-eater makes as he gobbles up your winnings and counts them for you.