1 kiddie pool
31 bags of topsoil
2 dozen friends and strangers
Mud wrestling: who knew there were so many stones in top soil?

I think everyone who participated in the mud wrestling events of yesterday – think “keg party” – walked (or crawled) away with a few bonus openings. I only caught one major gash, but it stings more than a bee … sting. My knees look a little worse for the wear, and just when they were starting to heal from the bruises of moving. Ah well, I may bruise easily, but they at least seem to fade fairly quickly. The cut on the bottom of my foot will take a bit longer, judging by the rate the cut on the bottom of my other foot is taking to close.

And yes, the mud wrestling was planned. ‘Cuz mud doesn’t wash out of your clothes very easily, let me tell you.