Want to feel like a five year old again?

Strap a pair of ice skates on your feet and watch as the real five year olds fly by you on the ice as you cling to the boards going “wtf?”, unable to move your feet.

Inline skating is absolutely nothing like ice skating*.

But, to my credit (and Val’s teaching), I finally got going, only fell once (and yes, I got a bruise) and by the end of the evening, I was even attempting spins. I’d like to think that it was only because I haven’t been on ice skates in more than six years, or that I had to “unlearn” the way I inline skate, but I think I might be fooling only myself if I did that.

*Aparently inline skates are very similar to hockey skates, but not at all similar to figure skates, or so Val tells me. Or maybe she was just trying to make me feel better as all the little kiddies swooped around me on the ice.