Four phone calls and a visit to my local neighbourhood cell-phone kiosk later, I now have a brand new, same as I had before cell phone that actually accepts and recieves calls.

It’s a wonderful thing.

The look on the sales reps face after seeing how new and undamaged my unworking cellphone was, and after hearing how it had just stopped working, was pretty good. And it’s pretty cool that I got a new phone rather than having to wait for the old one to be fixed. As we waited for the sales rep to finish with the customer in front of us, I scoped out the other phone, in case I was forced to buy a backup phone. Cell phones really aren’t cheap.

Strangely, despite my insistance that I really don’t use the phone that much (hence the switch to the cell-only option), this was the one weekend where I actually needed my phone. Contrary to popular opinion, not all plans can be made over the internet.

And all my phone numbers were transferred over safely (that was a little bit of a scare there when he asked if I had stored the numbers on the phone or on the simcard. I didn’t even know I could store numbers anywhere other than the simcard.) The only thing I had to reprogram was my ring tone – the theme music from Angel.