I’m seriously beginning to think that someone is driving my car during the day when I am at work, or perhaps late at night when I am asleep in my bed, dreaming my weird dreams.

The only reason I say this is because it seems like every time I get in my car, the damned headrest is moved again. I like my headrest set back as far as it goes, mostly because the only times I drive my car these days is when I’m heading to the park to go inline skating, and hence my hair is in a ponytail. Ponytails and headrests do not mix well. So I push it all the way back, and go on my merry way.

But it seem like I have to do this almost every time! If I was moving the headrest up, I could easily buy the excuse that gravity is pulling it down on me. But I’m moving it back, and as far as I know, gravity has yet to work in a horizontal field.