Brad visited yesterday and with a few simple words launched me into a four hour cleaning spree this morning that saw 3+ teeming garbage bags leave my apartment, 3 more things that didn’t fit into garbage bags follow and a box of goodwill/sally ann stuff that will leave the apartment shortly.

The funny thing is, all he said was that I should “unpack”, meaning put up some shelves and make the place look like I didn’t move into it three months ago.

So I started with the spare bedroom, which is where all the garbage bags full of things came from. After that was sorted out, I could finally move my bike out of the kitchen and put it away in the closet. This, of course, produced quite the mess, so the vacuum came out and visited all the rooms in the apartment. Tomorrow was vacuuming day anyway, so it was only a day early. The living room wasn’t in too bad shape, but since I’ve been sick the last week (damn cold that never ends!!) it had definitely suffered a little and was in need of the extra attention I gave it.

Tomorrow, I tackle painting the living room. This will of course create even more mess, but at least it will be mess in the right direction.