I didn’t really think I was one of those people: the kind who buy tickets for the opening night of a major blockbuster movie, who stand in line three hours before the movie starts, just to get good seats, the kind who withstand back pain and foot cramps and general discomfort for those three hours because the movie theatres won’t let you sit on the floor, even inside the little fabric barriers, for fear of you becoming a “fire hazard”, whatever that means (they never elaborate), the kind who maybe would have been willing to wait those three hours in the cold winter weather (and who almost was forced to wait in the cold winter weather because the movie theatres don’t have any kind of real way of dealing with large crowds of people and almost kicked out-nice customer service there-because originally they thought that was easier than putting up the little fabric barrier).

But the Return of the King was worth it.

At first when the big battle scene started, I thought it wasn’t really anything more spectacular than the battle at Helm’s Deep, but then the battle really begun and it was. And they cut some scenes that I didn’t think they should have, and a few went on a little longer than I would have wanted them to, but I can’t say I was disappointed.

It was six hours of time well spent. Which really isn’t that crazy when you think about the fourteen hours one of the ushers spent on Tuesday waiting for and watching all three movies in the theatre.