How exactly does air freeze? I haven’t taken a chem class since high school, and that was a solid seven or so years ago, but it seems to me that air should not be able to freeze.

And yet it must, since I had to visit six* different gas stations today before I found one that had a pump that was not frozen. I admit, I actually could have gotten air at the third one, but the line for the pump was already three cars long, with one car looking like it was riding right on its rims, the one tire was so flat, so I naive continued on my way thinking that there just had to be another station that had a working pump. And I did eventually find one, but I think even that one was half-frozen since the air was being pumped at an excruciatingly slow rate.

My tires only leak in the winter (something to do with a bad rim design), but when they leak they leak well.

*I actually visited eight, but only six had air pumps.