The English language makes it far too easy to make up words*.

I don’t know if it is because developers sometimes stick “developer-speak” or “pseudo-English” into the documents they write without realizing it, or because English is a second language for some of these people so they don’t have a “perfect” grasp of what is a complicated language, or if it is a sign that perhaps our education system is failing us since we aren’t taught grammar until we are half-way through high-school, and some teachers can’t (or choose not to) actually deduct marks for spelling or grammar mistakes in assignments.

The funny thing is, I think our culture is so use to new words being introduced that our minds have learned to accept these words and read them in context to understand the meaning. Sort of like the idea that the only letters that have to be in the correct position in a word are the first and last and we can still understand the meaning.

* This coming from someone who uses the word mayhaps.