I seem to be stuck in the winter “blahs”.

In an attempt to break away from them, I have booked a massage for myself, bought paint for both my kitchen and my bedroom, rearranged my living room (sort of), and I am thisclose to finishing the first book of my stories.

I think I am most excited about the book, though. The front cover is designed, the inside just needs a final quick edit, the back cover is almost there and the spine .. well, the spine has to wait until I finish the inside so they can tell me how thick the book is going to be. But the spine really won’t be anything too fancy, so I just might make it in time for my birthday after all, which was my original goal.

But as much as I am excited about it, I also have some mixed feelings about it. I started doing it entirely for myself. And I still want to do it for myself. But now that I’m nearing the end and not keeping it as much of a secret, I’m getting the response “Well, I want a copy too!” Which is cool (very cool, don’t get me wrong) but also kind of … scary. You want to spend money on my stories? You do know you can read them for free, right? It has led me to re-evaluate some of the content (should I really put this in? Is it “worth” putting in?) It’s an easy question to answer when I am thinking only for myself, but slightly harder when I am no longer just putting it together for me.

But then again, who really has their own book? 😉