For some reason, I am hooked on getting a house.

i’ve been randomly perusing online listings for a few months now, just glancing at them once every two or three weeks, but then once day I got incredibly fed up over something or other in my apartment (I have no idea what it was now) and I actually surfed through a couple of financial sites to see what I could really afford as opposed to what I want (I was actually pretty close to my estimates) and now I’m checking them every day and even went to three, yes three open houses last weekend.

There’s that addictive personality showing through again.

The open houses were actually designed just so I could see what was out there, so I didn’t mind that they weren’t quite in the area that I really want to be in. The idea was just to get an idea of what I wanted in a house and didn’t want in a house and was indifferent about in a house.

But three days later there’s this house that I just can’t get out of my head, even though I think it is overpriced, it’s not in the area I want, it needs new carpets, and isn’t fully fenced in!

Not to mention that you should really have 25% for the downpayment of the house and I … do not. Yes, I could techically get a mortage without 25% down, but then I would have to pay an extra fee and that’s no fun.

But I still check the listings. And I have three houses that I would want to see if they ever had an open house and/or put pictures up of the insides of the houses.

(Coincidentally, the realtor who hosted the open house of the house I cannot stop thinking about actually emailed me today with a new listing. For one the houses I have on my “i’d go to an open house” list! Sneaky mind-reading realtor. All I need is about ten thousand dollars. Pocket change. Pocket change.)