I got absolutely eaten by the mosquitos this weekend, but I got some interesting pictures from the hike. We also met a woman with her two young boys who had decided to follow us on our hike, thinking that we were returning to the place where she left her car, only to find out when she finally stopped us that we were walking in the completely opposite direction to where her car was. She had no map, she had just been driving by and decided to stop, and then for some unknown reason she had decided to follow my mother and I. And at that point she was “too afraid” to follow the trail back to her car so after several minutes of coversation (“If you follow this other path, it will take you back to your car.” “Why don’t I just follow you?” “We’re not going back to where you parked your car.”) my mother just consented and let her and her boys follow us back to our car, and then we proceeded to drive the three of them back to her car. It was just easier that continuing the conversation.