Random thoughts so I can gloss over the fact that I have not posted in forty-one days:

  • Buying a house means that instead of thinking of how I can change my living space with new wall colours or small decorative accents, I now thinking about how I can change it by tearing up carpets and tearing down walls. And the fun all commences in seventeen days.
  • Running a five kilometre race seems like a good idea until you realize that it follows Oktoberfest drinking a little more closely than you originally thought and that it has dramatically dropped in temperature the last few days. Nothing says fun like putting on a tuque and gloves to go jogging.
  • Why is it that restaurants will not serve you alcohol before 11am? Why is 11 more socially acceptable than 10?
  • Seventeen days.
  • Does anyone actually eat Tofurkey? ‘Cuz if it tastes as fun as it sounds, our Christmas/Easter/Thanksgiving fish may have some competition.
  • Bathtub spouts are not designed very well: having something project out several inches from the wall limits you to using only one end of the bathtub when bathing (unless you like having something poke you in the back, which is not much fun) or limits you to only one person in the bathtub (which is, again, not much fun).