After only 2 wins in 36 cups in the Tim Horton’s Roll up the Rim to Win Contest, I’m getting a little tired of seeing the phrase “Please Play Again”. It would be good if they could vary it a bit – perhaps throw in the occasional “Play Again Please” or “Again, Please Play”, or “Winner – GMC Envoy”.

Perhaps it is the tone of the message that gets to me most. Sure, it has the “Please’, but all they are really requesting is that I give them more money. There’s no sympathy in that message. All they want is the cold, hard cash. The Mars bar that I ate today, while not bumping my winning statistics any higher, at least had a slightly better message of “Sorry, Better Luck Next Time”. Where’s the Sorry from Timmy’s? After all, it’s a Canadian company and we are known for saying Sorry all the time.

If only Mars made sweet sugary tea.


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