It’s horrible not being able to sleep.

It’s even more horrible when the person beside you is sleeping soundly and you’ve been wide awake for more than an hour, with not even a hint of sleep in sight. Kinda makes you want to nudge him just a little bit, so that you aren’t the only one awake (not that I would do that, oh no).

And this time you can’t blame it on his snoring, although you are tempted to blame it on the kitties and their crazy running around, but then they (the kitties) look at you with those little green eyes, and give you that plaintive little cry that says “we just wanted a chance to cuddle with you, really” and … well, you are still tempted to blame them, but can’t argue with that. So instead you get some juice and surf the net, and hope that eventually the glaring brightness of your computer monitor will tire your eyes out enough to force you to go to bed and attempt to get one more hour’s sleep.

Of course, before the boy, this was the time I got up anyway.